Karen Eidem attended a Milwaukee Brewers game this week with a clear message for Ryan Braun.

The fan visiting Miller Park was not only there to support the home team, but also to provide a statement directed at Braun and the ongoing pain point that is the PED era in Major League Baseball.

Eidem wore a navy blue Braun t-shirt with the first and last letters of his last name replaced, left to spell out the word “FRAUD”.


A Brewers fan had a clear statement to make regarding Ryan Braun (Credits: MLB.com & NBC 4 in Milwaukee)

Security at Miller Park approached Eidem and informed her to either remove the shirt or turn it inside out.  If she didn’t comply, then she would be ejected from the stadium.

What a ridiculous decision at the time.

Fortunately, as reported by NBC 4 in Milwaukee, the Brewers later apologized to Eidem.  The team admitted that their decision was a mistake and have since invited her to attend a future game.


Baseball STILL has a PED problem

Eidem must have a snarky sense of humor, while also being a master of words.  No one would want to face her in Scrabble or Scramble with Friends.  We should applaud her for being a unique voice – launching a verbal attack at players like Braun, who clearly feel that they are above the law.

At this point in the PED era, many fans have become complacent.  They are simply left to assume that every player in baseball is guilty of using performance enhancers.

That’s why this is such a refreshing story.  Although, it likely never would’ve hit any headlines if the security team at Miller Park didn’t make such an ill-advised move.

Either way, The Wife Hates Sports applauds Karen Eidem. 

She is the latest Wife of the Week.

Congrats, Karen, and enjoy that future Brewers game.  Next time, maybe you can break out that Yovani Gallardo jersey.  Security can instead focus more on the sausage race.