The NBA champion will be crowned on Thursday night and the Stanley Cup could make an appearance as early as this weekend.  Meanwhile, the Major League Baseball season is nearing its midway point and the golf world just concluded its second major of the year.  This sounds like a job for Throwing Tomatoes!

In the end, the amount of sports noise leaves for plenty of tomato-worthy headlines.

So, as the sports world turns, the stories pile up and more fan frustration emerges.  But don’t sweat it, The Wife Hates Sports has them all covered – in lycopene, that is.

Throwing Tomatoes: June 19, 2013

Headliner: Spurs vs. Heat and the 2013 NBA Finals

Don’t get me wrong, Game 6 was great, but I’m still left with an empty feeling when I watch the NBA these splatteredtomatodays.  The prima donna act from today’s stars simply outweighs that from other sports, or at least, that’s how it comes out on the court in my eyes – and LeBron is the focal point of it all.

Target: LeBron James

LeBron James was a headband-free beast during the 4th quarter of Game 6, but why can’t this switch be turned on more regularly in clutch situations?  Consider the following tomato-worthy thoughts on LeBron:

  • LeBron posts a big fourth quarter, and now the Jordan-LeBron discussions will emerge again, but remember that James threw up a brick (and near air ball) during a key late moment, only to get another chance after a fluke loose ball situation put the rock back in his hands.  I can’t remember a time when Jordan missed a shot that badly in the playoffs.
  • James does nothing but whine to the refs on no calls, and while I realize most NBA players do this, LeBron is near the top of the list.  Two instances in the second half come to mind, when LeBron could have gotten to a loose ball or fell back on defense, but he instead chose to complain to the refs about a no call.  It’s a huge pet peeve of many fans.
  • One outside shot late in the game, LeBron knew he had missed, got frustrated and ran the other way, only to have the rebound land right where he originally was.  If he followed up on his shot, he’d have an easy rebound and a slam dunk, which would have surely ignited a home crowd that was feeling uneasy at the time.  Perhaps with a guy like Tim Duncan on the opposing team, the lack of basic fundamentals becomes more noticeable.
  • LeBron’s combined size, talent and ball handling skills far exceed anyone in the league, and it baffles me how he chooses to frequently go with the outside shot for three quarters in the playoffs.  He could really dominate this league, but instead, it almost appears as if he chooses to lie back, so that he can produce a more dramatic response in the final moments.

Perhaps these thoughts are simply too nitpicky, but when you watch LeBron bowl over players in the paint possession after possession, one can’t help but wonder why it doesn’t happen more often.

Target: Miami Heat Fans

During Game 6, a large number of Heat fans bolted for the exits in the final seconds of regulation, only to be stuck outside slamming on the doors to get back in for overtime.

I’ll never understand this, especially when you put that kind of cash down for a game.  If you’re outdoors and its pouring rain, or if your team is down by 30, then I get it, but this?  How much traffic are you really getting in front of?

We interrupt this post for something that’s MORE appealing about the NBA Finals, yet still covered in RED…


What’s a ‘Throwing Tomatoes post without a little bit of eye candy?

OK, so covered maybe isn’t the most accurate description… 

Innocent Bystander: Heat Dancers

All these two did was wear red.

Not-So-Innocent Onlooker

You!  Take a picture, it’ll last longer.

Target: New York Yankees

The aging veteran superstar strategy is finally coming back to bite the Bombers.  A-Rod remains out and still dealing with controversy, Jeter is rehabbing, Youkilis is done for 10-12 weeks and Teixeira has again returned to the disabled list.

The result – as pointed out in the latest edition of MLB Power Rankings at TWHS – is a New York offense that has really struggled to collect hits and put men on base.

Will this season finally push the Yankees to get younger?  If not, then it may never happen.

Target: Chad Johnson (Featuring Innocent Bystander, Mark Sanchez)

Chad Johnson apologized for his butt slap incident and has been released from jail.  Still, what an idiotic decision!  It brings to the forefront the most important poll question you will answer today:

Which Event Was More Ridiculous, the Mark Sanchez “Butt Fumble” or the Chad Johnson Courtroom “Butt Slap”?

  • Mark Sanchez "Butt Fumble" (100%, 2 Votes)
  • Chad Johnson "Butt Slap" (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 2

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Bigger boneheaded move: Chad Johnson’s butt slap or Mark Sanchez’s butt fumble?

Target: Johnny Manziel

I can’t decide if Manziel loves the drama, or simply isn’t a person that thinks before he tweets.  Perhaps it’s a combination of the two.  At least, with the most recent incident, last year’s Heisman winner chose to delete the tweet.

When this kid heads for the big time, one NFL team is going to really have its hands full, and not just with his talent.

Target: Rex Ryan

The Jets head coach recently told Newsday, “I’m a hell of a lot better football coach than I’m given credit for”.  Sure, Rex is a solid coach with a big personality, but that 34-30 record, combined with all the talent over the last four years, he should be lucky to still have a job.

Target: Tiger Woods

Tiger finished +13 at the 2013 U.S. Open, his worst Open score in nearly two decades.  But what I just do not understand, is how Tiger continues to be a heavy favorite at every major?

Innocent Bystander: Phil Mickelson

For the sixth time, Lefty was the bridesmaid at the U.S. Open, but this year’s final round felt different.  Phil didn’t choke by missing short putts, and he had a number of birdie opportunities that just missed.  Plain and simple, Justin Rose just snagged the title away from him.

Target: Jeff Baker

The Texas Rangers infielder has officially taken a trip to the disabled list after spraining his thumb during a high five.  Man, that’s low.

Innocent Bystander: Mike Trout

Did you see the promotion the Angels put on the other night to honor Mike Trout?  It’s a fish hat, and it’s absolutely hideous.

Hey, is that a fish on your head, or are you just happy to…. Oh, never mind.


Throwing Tomatoes: The Mike Trout Fish Hat – wear it out to a nice dinner, perhaps one where you meet THE WIFE’s parents for the first time

And finally, the current faces of team frustration in sports: 

Washington Nationals70+ games into the season, the Nats are a game below .500 and one of the biggest disappointments in baseball.

Los Angeles Angels of AnaheimEleven games out of first and 31-40 on the season…it’s just hard to believe considering that lineup.

Tampa Bay RaysThe Rays are 3-7 over its last ten games, and the last place Blue Jays are closing the gap

This has been Throwing Tomatoes, where the red fruit doesn’t wear a headband, either.