Melissa McCarthy has seen her career skyrocket over the past year.  Most recently, she made a return appearance as the host of “Saturday Night Live“.

As expected, McCarthy delivered some comedic gems on the show. 

The most notable moment came in a skit that spoofed the Rutgers basketball scandal.  A scandal so bad that it resulted in the firing of coach Mike Rice and dismissal of athletic director Tim Pernetti.  So, yes, a perfect opportunity for SNL to tackle it.


McCarthy/’SNL’ spoof the Rutgers scandal

In the skit, McCarthy plays Sheila Kelly, a basketball coach that makes Rice look like a sweet man with a heart of gold.

Throughout the bit, Kelly is seen slinging bricks, launching balls, spying on interviews, demanding meals and most amusingly, driving a golf cart onto the basketball court.

On top of that, SNL delivers this little package of feisty fun in the form of ESPN’s “Outside the Lines”.

So yes, that’s two birds with one stone… err, skit.

But enough discussion about McCarthy and ‘Saturday Night Live’, view the spoof for yourself.  See if you think it’s spot on, as I did.

Well, what did you think?


Melissa McCarthy spies on an ‘Outside the Lines’  interview during an ‘SNL’ spoof of the Rutgers basketball scandal (Image Credit: ‘Saturday Night Live’)

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