It’s been a developing story throughout the 2012 NFL season, starting when Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano was diagnosed with leukemia in September.  People far and wide wanted to support the coach, including the Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders.


Indianapolis Colts cheerleader Megan M. photographed well before shaving her head

As the NFL season progressed, the Colts rallied around their coach, supporting him in every way possible.  The team was performing surprisingly well on the field, too.  Indianapolis sits at 7-4, after this weekend’s victory over the Buffalo Bills.

Numerous Indianapolis players, including rookie QB Andrew Luck, shaved their heads in support of their coach.

But the surprising twist to the story was the other individuals that emerged into the storyline.  It was Megan M., a member of the Colts’ cheerleading squad.

A few weeks back, Megan M. stated that she too would shave her head.  She would do it if fans of the team were to donate more than $10,000 for cancer research.

As reported by USA Today – and also witnessed by thousands on national television – the fans came through.  Not only did Megan M. fulfill her promise to support Coach Pagano and cancer research, but teammate Crystal B. joined her.


Colts cheerleaders Megan M. and Crystal B. pose with newly shaved heads in support of Chuck Pagano and the “CHUCKSTRONG” campaign. (Screenshot: CBS Sports)

Personally, I love this kind of story.  And not just because it’s a push to aid in cancer research.  

It’s also the kind of story where you see a unique participant, such as a cheerleader who many assume likely spends a lot of time working on her image and appearance as a part of her job.  For her to go through and eagerly do this without thinking twice, it’s refreshing.  It’s not just a feel-good story.  It’s a feel-great one.

And that’s why Megan M. and Crystal B. have earned my “Wife of the Week” honors at The Wife Hates Sports.  Bravo, ladies.

As I’m sure many football fans will agree, you are a thousand times more beautiful today than you were yesterday.

Important Side Note: KP and The Wife Hates Sports would like to encourage anyone out there to support the Indianapolis Colts and its “CHUCKSTRONG” Campaign.  It raises money for leukemia research.  Whether you donate or just spread the word, I’m sure the Colts family will appreciate it.  Hopefully this post will support the cause and my sincere best wishes go out to Chuck Pagano.


Numerous cheerleaders for the Indianapolis Colts perform during a past NFL game