Game 4 of the NBA’s Eastern Conference Finals featured a wild finish that ended with a missed last second shot by Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade.  That led to a clutch two-point overtime victory by the Boston Celtics and a series tied at two games apiece.  Just don’t share that result with WMTW television news anchor Meghan Torjussen. 

Because plain and simple, she likely will not believe you.

The TV anchor out of Portland, Maine botched a report of Sunday night’s Game 4 result by announcing that the matchup ended in a tie.

That’s right, a basketball game ending in a tie.

See for yourself.

Video via YouTube (featuring WMTW news footage)

Meghan Torjussen would have to strongly redeem herself to become a future “Wife of the Week” at The Wife Hates Sports.

One can only assume that she’s one of many out there that would openly admit to being a WIFE that HATES sports.  Either that, or her producer was playing a prank on her.

Who knows?

The result, nevertheless, is quite entertaining – and a quick watch.  We all have our interests and perhaps professional basketball is simply not hers.  Quite honestly, I could tell THE WIFE that a game ended in a tie and she’d likely believe me, too. 

Try to run a fake Grey’s Anatomy story by her and she’d catch that quicker than you can say “McSteamy”.


News anchor Meghan Torjussen claims Heat-Celtics game ends in tie, leaving indication that she’s a wife that hates sports