The current NFL offseason has featured one of the wildest QB carousels in the league’s history, headlined by future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning.  Now, to many fans, he’s just “Some QB That I Used To Know”.  But we’ll get to that in a minute.

Battling multiple neck procedures, Manning finds himself let go by the only franchise that he ever played for.  He lands with the Denver Broncos and the domino effect of that move shifts to media darling Tim Tebow.

Tebow ends up with the New York Jets.  Therefore, to no one’s surprise, Tebow has taken the “Big Apple” by storm.  So much that Mark Sanchez is now second fiddle.

Rookie Andrew Luck gets the keys to the Colts franchise.

My Football Ex-Girlfriend

Now, thousands of fans in both Indianapolis and Denver are left to think of each of these players as a sort of “football ex-girlfriend”.

This pigskin change of addresses makes a perfect mold for the storyline told within the melodic and catchy hit “Somebody I Used To Know”, by Gotye.

That’s why the clever and humorous parody “Some QB That I Used To Know” by HUMORdy is such a brilliant fit for this heavily advertised NFL offseason storyline.

For those that have yet to see the parody, here it is (via YouTube).  This one is sure to make “Weird Al” Yankovic nod in approval.

Now if only these guys would focus more on the Tebow-Sanchez rivalry.  Hey, maybe they could also work on a parody of Redskins QB Robert Griffin III (and his socks collection).

Hey, we can only dream, right?


HUMORdy’s ‘Some QB That I Used To Know’ is a parody on Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow and Andrew Luck.  It’s a clever and fun take on the Gotye hit song ‘Somebody I Used To Know’. (Image Screenshot via HUMORdy / YouTube)

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