If football fans in New Orleans had their way, there would be heaping helpings of both crawfish and “Tuna” this year.  As in, the legendary, two-time Super Bowl winning head coach Bill Parcells, also commonly known as “The Big Tuna”.

The 2012 interim head coach position with the New Orleans Saints is the latest hot topic surrounding “Bountygate”.  Sean Payton, suspended for one year by Roger Goodell and the NFL, is reportedly seeking to have Parcells take over the head coaching position this season.

Payton and Saints general manager Mickey Loomis are set to meet with Parcells on Tuesday, as reported by ESPN’s John Clayton.  Clayton also reports that in the next few days, Payton will decide whether to appeal his suspension or pick an interim head coach.

But here’s the real question: Why should Sean Payton and the Saints even get to choose its coach?

Clearly, Parcells – a legend in coaching and a guy who groomed Payton – would be a huge addition to the Saints.  A Parcells addition would bring forward a feeling of diminished punishment.

Paying bounties to players and supporting the intent to inflict harm on opposing players is a serious offense.  The NFL came down hard on the Saints for participating in and having knowledge of such acts – and rightfully so.


Roger Goodell comes down hard on Sean Payton and the Saints, yet, New Orleans may have a chance to add Bill Parcells?  Really?

Now, the possibility now exists that Payton could actually be replaced by Bill Parcells for the 2012 season?

It hardly seems fair.

NFL Needs to Take Action

In order to block such an acquisition, Roger Goodell would have to channel his inner-David Stern, and thwart it.  That would likely bring additional controversy.

Even so, if the NFL wants to send a clear and strong message, it should have a rule in place.  When a team’s head coach is banned, a franchise like the Saints should not be able to replace that position anywhere else but internally.  That leaves them short-handed for the entire season.

In no way is this assuming that such an event could happen.  It’s instead a call to action.  If you truly want to make an impact on the league, this is what should happen.

Tebow Crashes the Big Apple

Tim Tebow officially landed with the New York Jets yesterday, and the media showed up at the press conference in full force.

What did everyone take out of Tebow’s presser?  1) He was classy, as always and 2) He was “excited” to be with the New York Jets.

Just how excited?

On my Twitter account (and watching the presser), I picked up on it almost immediately:

New York’s Tebow acquisition has spawned countless opinions – both positive and negative.  This much is clear, Tebow is a solid fit for the type of offense that Tony Sparano likes to run.  We all know that the former Broncos QB will bust his tail, as he always does.  Tebow will do everything he can to help his new team win.

As for Mark Sanchez, there is no quarterback controversy.  Tebow was open in saying that the two have a “great relationship”.  If the offense is able to click under Sparano – successfully using both quarterbacks – then “Tebowmania” will be kept at bay.

If Sanchez struggles mightily, then we have a different story on our hands.

Off the field, the New York media now has its fallback headliner.  At least, that’s as long as Tebow is wearing green and Jeremy Lin is failing to reach double figures.


Officially with the New York Jets, Tim Tebow is creating a media frenzy in the Big Apple

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