Back by popular demand, or perhaps by blatant indifference, it’s Throwing Tomatoes.

It’s been a busy stretch in the world of sports lately, leaving plenty of opportunities to show displeasure at people in the world of sports, whether it be directed at baseball’s offseason, the NBA or NHL seasons, College Football, or the NFL as it nears its finale.

So as the sports world turns, the stories pile up and more sports frustration emerges.  Don’t sweat it, The Wife Hates Sports has them all covered – in lycopene, that is.

Throwing Tomatoes: January 19, 2012

Target: The New York Jets

It feels like the negative Jets headlines are coming out faster than Rob Lowe can break sports news.  First, it was New York’s subpar season, followed by Santonio Holmes.  But that was only the beginning…

Sub-Target: Mark Sanchez

The artist formerly known as “Sanchise” has taken the brunt of it, first being referred to as “lazy” by some unnamed teammates, who also endorsed the acqusition of Peyton Manning.

Then again, it’s hard to argue the history, what with GQ and other pretty boy ads coming out of the woodwork, plus an open video on the sidelines featuring Sanchez eating a hot dog.  Those stories never had legs when the team was winning games.splatteredtomato

Sub-Target: Rex Ryan

The New York head coach chimed in, stating that “the majority of our football team” had confidence in Sanchez.  Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but…

Sub-Target: LaDainian Tomlinson

LT opened up on Showtime’s “Inside the NFL” show, tossing shots at nearly everyone.  But while Tomlinson could have found a way to take the heat off the Jets, he instead threw gas in the fire.  The better move would have been to keep everything behind closed doors.

Sub-Target: Woody Johnson

That’s not all on Sanchez.  Jets owner Woody Johnson said that “we think he’s our guy”, but also wouldn’t dismiss the idea of Peyton Manning wearing green.  For those that are counting, that’s another ringing endorsement for Sanchez.

Sub-Target: The Final Word on the Jets – “The D”

In the end, the majority of the criticism has been against offensive players like Sanchez, LT, Holmes, plus the departed Brian Schottenheimer.  Somehow avoiding the heat is the Jets defense, who deserves its fair share.  A clear strength in past seasons, the Jets did manage to finish 5th in yards per game and 5th in pass yards allowed.  However, the run D was in the middle of the pack, and the team defense also allowed 22.7 points per game, good for 20th in the NFL.

Target: Rob Lowe

For those that hadn’t heard, Rob Lowe recently tweeted that Peyton Manning would retire.

Keep in mind, a guy that played a character known as “#2” can easily be full of crap.


Joe Biden

In front of a San Francisco crowd, Biden said that the Giants are “on their way to the Super Bowl”.

Don’t worry… he didn’t follow that by predicting that Tim Lincecum would be the Super Bowl MVP.  Still, ouch.  Poor guy.

Target: Aaron Rodgers

Recently crowned Miss America Laura Kaeppeler gave a recent shout-out to Rodgers, asking him to call her.  Rodgers saw the broadcast, and has yet to drop her a line.

While the rest of the world is doing a “discount double take” on Kaeppeler, the Green Bay quarterback is clearly still fuming over the team’s recent loss to the Giants.

(h/t Shutdown Corner)

Innocent Bystander: Laura Kaeppeler

A woman this beautiful (below) is likely not used to rejection.  Eh, she’ll get over it.


While many men are giving Kaeppeler “discount double takes”, Aaron Rodgers is not biting.

Target: Matt Antonelli

Signing with the Baltimore Orioles during the offseason, Matt Antonelli is basically an unknown in baseball, but he does tweet a whole heck of a lot – including this recent nugget:

MattAntonelli9 Matt Antonelli

“Day one in the books and still haven’t been beat up for wearing my Brady jersey around Baltimore”

Now, it’s my turn.  Hi, I’m Matt Antonelli.  I’m new to Baltimore.  This new fanbase is very disgruntled, and before I came here, no one had ever heard of me.  I know how passionate this city is about its football team, yet I’m going to wear a Tom Brady jersey during AFC Championship week.  Oh, and if you didn’t see me wearing it, I’m also going to tweet about it.  Bravo, Matt… BRAVO.

Target: Glen Davis

“Big Baby” Davis was called for a technical foul after dropping his drawers after a call that frustrated him.  Fortunately, there was no resulting visual where we’d have to call him for traveling, too.  If you didn’t catch that joke, then don’t ask me to explain it.

(h/t Game On!)

And finally, the current faces of Throwing Tomatoes team frustration in sports:

Boston Celtics – A slow 5-8 start is stirring up trade rumors in Beantown

Buffalo Sabres – Four straight losses and a 2-6-2 record over its last ten games

Columbus Blue Jackets – The team’s 31 points is seven fewer than any other NHL team.

This has been Throwing Tomatoes, where we practice the “discount double chuck”.