It’s already days since Alabama’s 21-0 BCS Championship victory over the LSU Tigers.  Yet, fans of the Crimson Tide continue to find unique ways to celebrate its latest title.  Specifically, we must single out one Alabama animal clinic, who took trash talk to another level following the title game.

The Fairhope Animal Clinic, located in Fairhope, AL, posted a playful jab at LSU star Tyrann Mathieu on its outdoor billboard.

In case you live in a football bubble, Mathieu has a very popular nickname.  He’s known around the country as “The Honey Badger”. 

So, with a nickname like that, Mathieu is the perfect fit for an in-state animal clinic.  A clinic that has a worker with a sense of humor, obviously.  A worker that is looking to verbally celebrate a Alabama’s BCS National Championship victory.

Posted to Twitter by ABC Sports Photographer Robert O’Shields, the image featuring the Alabama animal clinic pretty much says it all (below).

Well, except for all the field goals – and the lack of offense.  That’s a whole different story.


Fairhope Animal Clinic billboard uniquely supports Alabama’s BCS National Championship victory.  Image via Twitter by ABC Sports Photographer Robert O’Shields (@BobbyO504)

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