To the bitter sports fans that are sick of hearing about Tim Tebow, don’t fret, as at least there isn’t a new reason for you to loathe him.  That is, at least when it comes to the recent rumors that the Denver Broncos QB is dating Olympic gold medalist – and one of the most beautiful women in sportsLindsey Vonn.


Don’t worry guys, the sexy Lindsey Vonn says she’s not dating anyone

This week, Vonn addressed the rumors via her own personal Twitter account, @lindseyvonn.  In her message that went out to her more than 100,000 followers, Vonn stated:

“Hearing a lot of crazy rumors but rest assured I am NOT dating Tim Tebow (or anyone else). I’m just friends with his family. xo, LV”

The fact that Vonn made sure to address that she’s not dating anyone else, all the while tossing in a flirty “xo”, more than likely made the day of a lot of desperate followers out there.

But while Vonn squashed the rumors, I personally wouldn’t have been surprised if they would have been true.  After all, Tebow has that charm that while it can annoy a lot of sports fans – especially when excessively being spoon fed “Tebow Mania” day after day via the sports media – the Broncos QB remains the type of personality that likely would attract another grounded superstar such as Vonn, who is a fetching and eye-popping mixture of personality, talent and beauty.

For one day, Tim Tebow doesn’t win – but don’t get too excited by that news, because it doesn’t mean that you have a chance with Vonn, either.