Terrelle Pryor has wasted no time squashing the report that he had posted an abysmal single-digit score on the Wonderlic IQ test.

The report, discussed by Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, stated that Pryor scored a 7 on the test that future NFL players often take during the Scouting Combine.

Via his Twitter account, Terrelle Pryor corrected the report by saying:

Funny thing is I scored a 22 on my Wonderlic. Get it right ask @RosenhausSports

Clearly, if this score is accurate, then the newly signed member of the Oakland Raiders did fare significantly better than the original report stated, but a few thoughts still come to mind:

1) A 22 on the Wonderlic is still average at best, so this news is not anything that a future NFL QB hopeful should be bragging about on his Twitter account.

2) This news wouldn’t be anything that would have swayed Al Davis and the Raiders, anyway.  We all know that Al loves speed and loves to take chances.  For his sake, let’s hope that Terrelle Pryor and his 4.4 speed pans out a lot better than Darrius Heyward-Bey’s did.

and finally…

3) Like any of us would trust what Drew Rosenhaus had to say!


Terrelle Pryor says that he scored a 22 on the Wonderlic IQ Test

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