Chalk up another victory for the Southeastern Conference.  At least, in the eyes of many, as an announcement was made recently that Louisiana State University is set to have its own beer starting in the fall.  An LSU beer is coming.  Yes, other universities are jealous.

“He was a wise man who invented beer.” – Plato

As described in an article by Melinda Deslatte of the Associated Press:

“The LSU-licensed blond ale, produced by Baton Rouge-based Tim Roof Brewing Co., will be offered on draught and in cans and will be tied into a food science training program to teach students about fermentation.”

It certainly makes one wonder how many undergrad undecideds will flock to the Tigers’ food science program during the upcoming fall semester.  Let’s bet a six-pack that the tally will be fairly significant.


LSU will brand its own beer this fall

While the beer is set to premiere in time for the upcoming college football season – which, for those that don’t know, is huge at LSU – there is still no name prepared for the school’s suds.

The article went on to say that it will not be called ‘LSU Beer’.  The school’s eye of the tiger logo will also not be a part of the project in any way.

Clearly, It sounds like these folks could use some help.

Note: No beer was consumed during the creation of this post, but maybe it should have been.

Top Names for the LSU Beer (Some Serious, Most Not)

Bayou Bengal Beer – The more folks have, the more challenging it gets to pronounce it.

Tin Roof Saturday – A play on words with the ice cream flavor.  It mixes in the brewing company that’s assisting, plus the day on which LSU games are played.

Mike’s Milk – Named after the Tigers’ mascot

Death Valley IPA – OK, fine, it’s a serious one with little explanation – forgive me.

Rouge Les Guy Ale – This Les Miles – Baton Rouge mix is not to be confused with Rogue Dead Guy Ale.  OK, fine it was meant to be confused with it.

Golden Boot Ale – Named after the rivalry with Arkansas, folks can start a tradition by drinking the brew out of what else, but a golden boot.

“Baton Down The Hatch” – Another play on words, with the brewing company’s location.  Plus, the general concept of what most of us want to do with a beer.

Saban Light – A light beer that mocks Les Miles.  It throws out a common jab that he won a national title with Nick Saban’s players.

Geaux – Left open for interpretation, but it’s the French word that LSU folks use instead of the word “Go”.  “Need a beer? Geaux with one”.  Yes, I’m for hire, LSU marketing folks.

Purple Stuff – Forget the gold-colored Sunny D and go with “Purple Stuff”.  That’s not to be confused with “Purple Drank”, JaMarcus.

Flava Flav Brew – Packed with flavor (or flava, however you want to put it) and featuring a giant clock that can help Les Miles with his little time management problem.


KP votes for “Flava Flav” and his clock to be a part of LSU’s new beer name

Now, Where are the Cups?

What, you didn’t expect all of these names to be serious attempts, did you?

Now that I have likely challenged the tempers of the LSU faithful, I’ll attempt to regain some of it back.  LSU deserves praise for introducing its own beer.  It also deserves recognition for its love, passion, creativity and appreciation for the game of beer pong:

Bravo, Tigers – I’m impressed.

Can anyone else in the SEC top that?  If so, I want to see or hear about it.

Feel free to chime in with LSU beer names of your own.

As always, thank you for drinking responsibly and supporting The Wife Hates Sports – especially through cheesy humor posts such as this one.