It’s been two months since The Kev and Rev Show (Sunday Sports Crunch Edition) hit the podcast airwaves, so where the heck have the guys been?  The whereabouts of Kev and Rev have been highly debated since the last show aired.

But let’s debunk the following six-pack of myths over the last few months:

  • KEV did NOT hand over full in-house television rights to THE WIFE
  • REV did NOT move to Turkey in hopes to see NBA players in action
  • KEV did NOT visit a Columbus tattoo parlor, seeking to get Joe Paterno on his lower back
  • REV did NOT take on a full-time gig participating in flash mobs
  • KEV was NOT named as a PTBNL in the Colby Rasmus deal
  • REV did NOT become the new cheerleaders coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (but likely wanted to)

Now that we’ve got that all cleared up, Kev (The Wife Hates Sports) and Rev (Sports Chump) return this Sunday at Noon with the Sunday Sports Crunch Edition of the Kev and Rev Show.  Also returning with us this weekend will be one of our regular guests, J-Dub (Dubsism).

This week’s show will be in our baseball format – nine topics spanning across nine separate innings.  Each segment runs ten minutes or less – and will feature a two-minute warning once/if we happen to reach the eight-minute mark.

Here is some more information about the show, if you want to call or listen in:


Rev has been busy, but he hasn’t been coaching hot NFL cheerleaders over the last few months


Listen: Either through the TalkShoe website or podcast player at The Wife Hates Sportskev-and-rev-show-plain-logo

Call During Live Show: (724) 444-7444 – Call ID: 97999

Episode #5 Airs Sunday July 31, 2011 at 12pm Eastern

Barring any breaking news, this week’s topics are set and will be as follows:

Episode #5

Pregame – The Latest from Kev (The Wife Hates Sports) and Rev (Sports Chump)

1st – NFL Lockout Ends; Football is Back

2nd – NFL Free Agency Frenzy (and Trades, Too)

Nnamdi Asomugha, Kevin Kolb, Vince Young, Winners, Losers and more…

3rd – Fantasy Football Chatter

Who would you take with the first overall pick?

4th – MLB Trade Deadline Discussion

Good deals, bad deals, Beltran, Pence and more

5th – MLB Extras

Playoff Chase, Instant Replay Discussion and more

6th – Latest from the NBA

NBA Lockout, Players Heading Overseas and more

7th – The Tiger Woods – Steve Williams Split (plus Tiger’s return and future)


7th Inning Stretch – What’s eatin’ ya?


8th – Latest from College Football

Media Days, Teams in Trouble, Paterno to 90, Boise State Blue, Longhorn Network

Time to bring in the closer…


9th – Entertainment, Movies, Relationships, New Wives and More

Ben Roethlisberger, Roy Williams, Jay Cutler, among others


Postgame – Concluding this edition of The Kev and Rev Show


We hope you will get the chance to listen in, whether live, or later in the week – as the show can be heard through the Talk Shoe podcast player on the right side of the Sports Chump or TWHS home pages.

Thank you for supporting THE WIFE HATES SPORTS and SPORTS CHUMP!