No one has perfect aim, just look at LeBron James in the fourth quarter.  That’s why KP and TWHS are bringing a new spin to Throwing Tomatoes, to be brought out on occasion.  The stories in sports that are deserving of a tomato will still be targeted, but the occasional innocent bystander will get hit from time to time, too.

So as the sports world turns, the stories pile up and more sports frustration emerges.  Don’t sweat it, The Wife Hates Sports has them all covered – in lycopene, that is.throwingtomatoesbanner

Throwing Tomatoes: June 23, 2011

Target: Ron Roenicke

Milwaukee Brewers manager Ron Roenicke delivered a complaint via the media after his team was given an ol’ fashioned beatdown at the hands of the Boston Red Sox.

“Interleague is not fair,” Roenicke told Chris Jenkins of the Associated Press. “That’s all there is to it.”

Hey Ron, how do you think the Rays, Blue Jays and Orioles feel?  Each has to play the Yankees and Red Sox 18 games a piece.  Do the math: That’s 36 out of 162, for approximately 22% of the season.  Go back to your Pirates, Cubs, Astros and quit cryin’, because after all…

Target: Los Angeles Lakers

A pre-NBA Draft report stated that the Lakers offered Lamar Odom to the Minnesota Timberwolves for the #2 pick in the NBA Draft.  Listen, I know this isn’t the deepest of drafts, but c’mon now – Odom (31-years-old, 14.4 ppg, while starting 35 of 82 games on the year) for the number two pick in the draft?

Innocent Bystander: Khloe Kardashian

On top of that offer, doesn’t Khloe Kardashian come as a package deal with Lamar?  Shouldn’t that mean that the Timberwolves should be receiving draft picks, too?  Tip your waiters…

This trade offer reminds me of the annoying fantasy owner that every league has – you know the guy, he offers up the most absurd trade offers DAILY!  For example: A backup catcher and/or a fifth starter with a 6.00 ERA for Evan Longoria – and not to be confused with Eva Longoria.

Innocent – But Damn Sexy – Bystander: Eva Longoria


There’s always a way to tie in the beautiful Eva Longoria

Target: Joe Ricketts, Chicago Cubs Owner

Ricketts, owner of the Cubbies, has been sued for harassment, and some of the comments that he apparently said are INEXCUSABLE.

He should also be sued for the product he’s putting on the field, too.  Somewhere – but who knows where – Bartman has to be nodding his head in agreement.

Target: Ron Artest

Ron Artest wants to change his name to “Metta World Peace”.  Wow, eat your heart out, Ochocinco.


Will the back of Ron’s jersey say “World Peace” next season?

Target: Jennie Finch

Former USA Softball beauty Jennie Finch is back in the news, this time because of the announcement of the birth of her and husband Casey Daigle’s second child.  The kid’s name: Diesel Dean Daigle.


She may be beautiful, but Jennie Finch could use help naming her kids.

I hope the kid came out with a thick skin.  Ten bucks says his older brother Ace Shane took a step back and said, “Yikes”.

Target: Jim Riggleman

One word: QUITTER.

Target: Donovan McNabb

McNabb was seen working out with several former teammates in Philadelphia.  Anyone else think there’s more to this, as in the fact that it’s a kick to the crotch of Mike Shanahan for all he and the Redskins put him through last season?

Innocent Bystanders: Redskins Fans

Honestly, with the way Donovan played last year, I honestly don’t think these fans care all that much.  And with the number of holes on Washington’s roster, they shouldn’t.

Target: TMZ

TMZ approached Greg Oden in Las Vegas and asked if he was LeBron James.  When he said no, they then inquired if he was a basketball player.  Ouch.splatteredtomato

Innocent Bystander: LeBron James

For once, LeBron is not a direct target, but being compared to an underachieving Oden is unfortunate.

Innocent Bystander: Greg Oden

At least he didn’t hurt himself trying to avoid the TMZ cameras.

And finally, the current faces of team frustration in sports:


Kansas City Royals – Five straight losses and now owners of the worst record in the AL

Florida Marlins – The Fish have just two wins in the month of June

San Diego Padres – The Padres are 14-26 at home.  One other team is playing that poorly

Houston Astros – 12-games below .500 at home, Houston is that other team.


This has been Throwing Tomatoes, where the red fruit never quits.

Throwing Tomatoes is a feature that Kevin Paul started five years ago when blogging in the Fox Sports community.  It has been featured numerous times, including on the FOX Sports home page on several occasions.  Now it makes its home here at The Wife Hates Sports