Hide your women and children (especially your women), because Kevin Paul and Chris Humpherys have gone the way of the podcast.  That’s right, the creators of The Wife Hates Sports and Sports Chump now have their own podcast, as the Kev and Rev Show is born.

This May Day, Kev and Rev finally got around to recording a first podcast show, and plan for a weekly podcast Sundays around noontime (you can call in live at 724-444-7444 – or just listen to the archived podcasts, which also be accessed via the podcast player on either TWHS or Sports Chump (or at Talkkev-and-rev-show-plain-logo Shoe).  Also, when our feet are firmly on the ground, and a format is more concrete, the Kev and Rev Show will also be making its way to iTunes.

Note: The inaugural show is raw, and going forward, we will be putting together music clips, audio clips, more guests, more structure and overall… more fun.  This is only the beginning, and we hope as the show grows, more of you will join us for the ride.

Our first ever show went as follows:

Episode 1: May 1, 2011 – The Rundown

– Introduction – Greetings from Kev (The Wife Hates Sports) and Rev (Sports Chump)

– 2011 NFL Draft Discussion

—– Quarterbacks Selected (Newton, Locker, Gabbert, Ponder, etc.)

—– Goodell and Boos, Former Playoffs and More

—– More Feared New Combo: Suh/Fairley (Detroit) or White/Jones (Atlanta)

– 2011 NBA Playoffs Discussion

—– Celtics vs Heat – Who do you like?

—– Grizzlies vs Thunder – Exciting Series

—– Are Changes Coming for San Antonio, Los Angeles and Boston?

– Brief MMA Tangent (very brief)

– Summer BBQ and Washers Tournament (Tangent Part II)

– NBA Playoffs Discussion Part II

—– Lakers vs. Mavs – Who do you like?

—– Lakers/Thunder Would Be Exciting WCF

– Surprise Guest for Show #1 (and Future Regular) – Lisa Horne of Fox Sports

—– NASCAR Discussion

—– Go to a NASCAR race, and you’ll appreciate it more!

—– NASCAR Power Rankings Discussion (at The Wife Hates Sports)

—– The Wife Hates NASCAR

—– The College Football Discussion Begins

———- Standout Picks from the NFL Draft (J.J. Watt, Cam Newton and more)

———- Tim Tebow vs Cam Newton

———- Praise for Blaine Gabbert and Andy Dalton

———- Will we have NFL Football in 2011?

———- Bad NFL Football likely in September (if a deal is struck)

———- Von Miller or Marcell Dareus Should’ve Gone 1st (per Lisa and KP)

———- Christan Ponder and Jake Locker Discussion (Drafted too high?)

———- More Former College Football NFL Draft QB Selections

———- How does Nick Fairley drop in draft, but not Cam Newton?

———- Ryan Mallett to New England Discussion

———- From Mallett to Janoris Jenkins – Discuss…

———- From Jenkins to the Florida Gators – Discuss…

———- Lisa Discusses Her Preseason Top Five

———- Lisa Further Discusses Upcoming College Football Season

———- Surprise Teams in 2011 (Louisville, Michigan and more)

———- More College Football Discussion (Boise State, South Carolina, others)

———- Big Ten Football Discussion

————— Lisa Drinking the Brady Hoke / Michigan Kool-Aid

————— Ohio State and Tressel – The Discussion

————— Penn State Football Chat – The QB Controversy and more

– Wrapping Up Our First Show

—– No Time for Baseball or Hockey Talk (Next time, we promise)

—– Final Thoughts

—– Signing off – until next time…

Check out the first ever episode of the Kev and Rev Show!

Note: Talk Shoe link no longer available

Our thanks to Lisa Horne for joining us and talking sports.  You can follow her on Twitter, or catch her work at FoxSports.com.

Until next time, thanks for supporting The Wife Hates Sports and Sports Chump!