If I told you that actor Larry Thomas made a special appearance at Citi Field to catch a New York Mets game, while also giving out DVD prizes to those that could answer trivia questions successfully, what would you say?

All signs point to: LARRY WHO?

How about a couple quotes to act as hints?

What if I told you that Thomas became famous for dropping such lines as:mr-met-new-york-mets-mascot

“You want bread? Three dollars!”

“You’re pushing your luck, little man.”

and the most obvious of all…

“No soup for you!”

By now, most of you realize that Larry Thomas is famous for his role as the “Soup Nazi” on the popular sitcom Seinfeld.


Larry Thomas played the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld, and he visited Citi Field recently – in character

The fact that Thomas showed up in full character to a Mets game is great, in my opinion – and truly something that had to be enjoyable for the Big Apple faithful who continue to come out and back a baseball franchise that is clearly in turmoil.

Supporting a team that is facing financial problems and sporting a last place standing in the National League East division as of this weekend, it certainly must have been a refreshing spin for die-hard Mets fans to receive attention from the soup magician, as well as getting a “Take Me Out To the Ballgame” show by Thomas’ fellow Seinfeld co-star Jerry Stiller.

Oh, and with a 4-2 victory on Saturday night, the “Amazins” put another notch in the win column, too.  Not a bad night for a team that’s desperately in need of more bread… just don’t ask for it from the Soup Nazi.