With another Valentine’s Day upon us, the stores are caked in pink and red, while bags and bags of candy get stocked on the shelves – most commonly those cheesy Sweethearts Conversation heart candies that feature mushy phrases such as “Be Mine”, “Kiss Me” and “My Love”.

Somewhere behind the scenes, a panel of people came up with each ooey, gooey phrase, which means – at some point – there were also phrases that didn’t make the cut.

Take the following rejected conversation heart phrases, with ties to both the sports world and to marriage.  Trust me, this batch wouldn’t even sell at a dollar store.


Rejected Conversation Heart Phrases in Sports and Marriage

Be My Ben Roethlisbergerhusband-wife-humor

Dishes Don’t Wash Themselves

Text Me Like Favre

Your Turn to Take Out Garbage

I’m “Sanchez Legal”

Grab Me a Beer?

Not Tonight, Have Headache

Not Now, The Game Is On

That Time of The Month

Beer Goggles

The Ryan Leaf of Lovemaking


Pedro may have called the Yankees his Daddy, but that doesn’t mean it would work on a conversation heart (NY Post)

Act Like Haynesworth

Hands Off the Clicker

Taking My Talents To…


Sleeping On Couch

Yes, Dear

Pedro Is My Daddy

Cromartie Is My Daddy


Happy “Hallmark Day” from The Wife Hates Sports