The sports world has been active, from the continuation of the NFL Playoffs to a handful of NBA’s elite players making headlines, and more.  This sounds like a job for Throwing Tomatoes!

So as the sports world turns, the stories pile up and more sports frustration emerges.  Don’t sweat it, The Wife Hates Sports has them all covered – in lycopene, that is.  

Throwing Tomatoes: January 12, 2011throwingtomatoesbanner

LeBron James

…for swallowing one too many bitter pills.

The latest on LeBron James once again has nothing to do with elite performances on the basketball court.  This time, it’s a recent tweet sent by LeBron, obviously pointed in the direction of the Cleveland Cavaliers, who had just suffered a 55-point loss to the Lakers.  The tweet:

King James

“Crazy. Karma is a b****.. Gets you every time. Its not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!”


Remember when LeBron and Cleveland got along? Feels like forever ago

Two words should be said to King James: “Bitter much?”

Dear LeBron: When will you finally let it go?  Multiple NBA titles – and not words – are the only true payback.

Then again, who knows if LeBron even sends all his tweets.

Cleveland Cavaliers

…for being far from cavalier.

The aforementioned Cavs by no means get off clean – and last night’s embarrassing 112-57 loss to the Lakers was by far the biggest joke of a performance in years – and it’s not even close.

It should leave specatators wondering how the Cavs would fare against some of college basketball’s most talented teams.

Antonio Cromartie

…for lighting an unnecessary fire underneath Tom Brady.

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan likes to run his mouth, and many consider his statements to be a way to take the focus off his players.  That is, until one of his players opens his mouth, too.

Antonio Cromartie opened his, specifically calling out Tom Brady, referring to the Patriots QB as an “ass—-“.  Oh, and that’s not all, as the New York Daily News discusses.

The thing is, Cromartie doesn’t always put his money where his mouth is.  Sure, he’s made some great plays at times, but he’s also been burned on big plays just as much, if not more.

Overall, call it bad news for the Jets.  Cromartie can sure back it up in the bedroom, but not so much on the field.  This news should only fire up Brady and Co. more.

You have ONE piece of duct tape, whose MOUTH does it go on?

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B. Favre

… for being in the news.splatteredtomato

This time, it’s not Brett Favre, but it’s still a B. Favre making headlines.  Favre’s younger sister Brandi was reportedly arrested during a drug bust in Mississippi.

Even with the Vikings out of the playoffs, a B. Favre still finds a way into headlines.  It never fails.

Ted Williams

…for putting a kink in the armor.

It has been the story of the year – the homeless man with the golden voice – as many refer to it.  But upon facing his new fame, Ted Williams also recently faced an arrest, putting a damper one of the year’s most refreshing pieces of sports news.

LSU Tigers


How does the LSU fan base feel about 7 more years of Les Miles?

Les Miles is a load of fun to cover – and even more entertaining to watch on the field, what with the off-the-wall trick plays, followed by a complete disregard for clock management.

But that’s just it: Miles has been a solid coach while at LSU, but a lot of supporters have been calling for him to be dismissed.  LSU has been in the SEC picture from year to year, but as a team, there have been no national titles won with a full batch of Miles recruits.

That’s why a seven-year deal is so puzzling.


Briefly, a belated (but necessary) Trowing Tomatoes pelting goes out to…


Pinstripe Bowl Officiating Crew

…for earning a “one finger salute”.


And to…

The Big Ten Conference

…for being the home of “little football” on New Year’s Day.


And finally…

…a quick-strike of red to the following teams…

The NBA’s Pacific Division – The Suns are in second place with a 15-21 record

Cleveland Cavaliers – On top of the above, the Cavs have also lost 11 straight games

Minnesota Timberwolves – Five straight losses and an overall record of 9-30

Ottawa Senators – Six straight losses and just two wins over its last ten games

San Jose Sharks – Five straight losses, knocking them out of the current playoff picture

Columbus Blue Jackets – See the San Jose Sharks (above)


This has been Throwing Tomatoes, where the forbidden fruit is never bitter.