Rex Ryan doesn’t need ammunition to talk, and players on the New York Jets (such as Antonio Cromartie) don’t either.  But in a somewhat obscure way, the Pittsburgh Steelers have already delivered a minor shot in the direction of its next opponent, the New York Jets.

During Saturday afternoon’s AFC divisional round matchup with the Baltimore Ravens, workers at Heinz Field were sending shots in New York’s direction, perhaps maybe without even knowing it.


With less than four minutes to go in regulation, the Pittsburgh Steelers were in a timeout situation, and the team hadn’t even sealed the deal with the Ravens yet.

But perhaps the individuals in charge of the music over the loudspeaker at Heinz Field felt otherwise, as chiming in as clear as day was “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys – a band from Quincy, MA – and huge in the Boston area.  Also, the title of the song obviously points to a Steelers team being minutes away from victory.  A team that is ready to head east to take on the top-seeded Patriots in the AFC Championship game.

Only, the Jets spoiled all the fun.

So the question remains: Was it an intentional move by the staff at Heinz Field?


Antonio Cromartie doesn’t need motivation to talk, but did an employee at Heinz Field give him reason to?

It wouldn’t be the first time such a thing has happened.  A few short months ago, an employee at Sewell-Thomas Stadium (home of the Alabama Crimson Tide) was fired after playing “Take the Money and Run” and “Son of a Preacher Man” during the team’s home game versus Auburn.  The target of the songs was clear – Cam Newton.  The music had not been cleared at the time.

It’s a different world between college and the pros.  But was the Heinz Field music a direct jab to future and current opponents?  Maybe it was simply a song that the person in charge thought would pump up the crowd.

Perhaps this little nugget of information is a vast exaggeration, or perhaps it isn’t.  Either way, it’s hard to imagine that the act was completely unintentional.  A staff picks out music to fit themes for each and every game.

Again, it’s not that the New York Jets need any fuel added to the fire, but this would be a spicy nugget that a Rex Ryan, an Antonio Cromartie, Bart Scott, or Santonio Holmes could roll with.

It would be fun to see if it is part of a press conference discussion.  Until then – GAME ON – and either way, expect a lot of chatter this week from both teams.