Thank you, sports.

Thanksgiving is here – leaving another reason to give thanks for our health, our family and friends, having a roof over our head and having food on our plates.

For many, it’s also an opportunity to channel our inner-couch potato and watch a whole lot of sports – sports that we are thankful for.

But it’s the unusual and quirky parts of sports that we are also thankful for – but often choose not to mention how much we truly appreciate them.sexy7

No worry, that’s what The Wife Hates Sports is here for – to give thanks to the unusual and sometimes quirky side to sports – specifically the aspects in the sports world that we as fans often don’t point out how much we are thankful for them.

Seven Quirky Reasons to Be Thankful for Sports

THANK YOU to Tom Brady and his Justin Bieber Hair

This way, pretty boy has a chink in the armor.  Brady has the Super Bowl rings, the super model wife and the boyish good looks – but at least with the Bieber-like mop, the majority of women have a reason to hate on the guy, instead of drool all over him.

To you Tom, we give thanks.


We should all be thankful for Tom Brady’s long, Bieber-like mop

And to you too, Gisele…


While we’re at it, we should be thankful for the beautiful women tied to sports – such as Gisele Bundchen

THANK YOU to Throwback Jerseys of All Kinds

They give us a different look and something unique to talk about.  And we don’t just mean the sweet ones – such as those powder blue San Diego Chargers jerseys – but also the hideous ones, such as the Philadelphia Eagles or Denver Broncos throwbacks of a year ago.  Those things were like a dry heave in jersey form.  Horrid.



Yes, you heard that correctly.  Without the BCS, how could we debate so much about college football?  It may be a controversial mess at times, but it’s our mess.  OK, fine, so a playoff would be pretty sweet, too – but to the BCS – we are painfully thankful.

THANK YOU Coaching Press Conference Outbursts

Because of advancements in media coverage, a game’s entertainment value can extend after the final score – and thanks to the fiery personalities of a lot of coaches – we get blessed with some of the greatest speeches and outbursts that money can buy.  Even better, we don’t have to buy them.

THANK YOU Ridiculous Player Names and Nicknames

Nothing is better than a silly name or a ridiculous player nickname – something that can channel our inner-child or maybe force out an absurd Beavis and Butthead-like showing among men.

And that’s why we thank you Dick Butkus.  Thank you “He Hate Me” and Dick Trickle.  Thanks Drew Brees, Rusty Kuntz, Harry Colon and more.  Thank you for being you.

THANKS to Sign Creativity

Here’s a shoutout to the sports fans of the world that come up with creative and humorous signs.  We are grateful for your unique minds – and we thank you.


THANKS, Gus Johnson

A huge thanks to Gus Johnson, the best announcer on television, a guy that takes every ounce of passion from his entire body and puts it into the game that he’s calling – and does so with ease.  Here’s hoping you wind up calling the most important games in sports soon, Gus.

To Gus, we give thanks, because he could make watching paint dry exciting.

Who would you like to give thanks to in sports?  Let us know!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and yours, from The Wife Hates Sports – and as always, THANK YOU for reading!