It is the craziest June in the history of college football – what with all the rumors swirling around regarding conference realignment and expansion across just about all of the major conferences.

But now that the dust has mostly settled, we can move on and attempt to assess the winners and losers as college football currently stands.

Here they are, in no particular order – starting with the winners of conference realignment:

College Football Conference Realignment Aftermath: Winners and Losers

WINNER: Big 12 Conference

The most obvious choice of all is obviously the Big 12 Conference, because well… it’s still alive and ticking.  Credit Texas for being the glue that kept the conference with ten teams – or credit someone else – but either way, the BCS still has one of its strongest conferences intact, and with just two minor casualties in Colorado and Nebraska.


The Longhorns played the role of the hot girl that everyone wants to go to prom with – from the Big Ten courting them, to the Pac-10 making them the top desire, and to the Big 12 conference wanting to keep

When it was all said and done, not only does Texas stay, but they also will reel in a ton of extra cash for the university, and the conference in the form of a future TV deal that’s in the works.

WINNER: Big Ten Conference

The Big Ten was one of the biggest winners of the week – adding the Nebraska Cornhuskers and their tradition-rich football program to the mix.

On top of that, the Big Ten gets its 12th team, which now can lead to a conference championship, more revenue, more exposure – and in the end, a likely bigger step towards major bowl victories, as each conference champion will have a shorter layoff between the end of the regular season and BCS bowl week.

WINNER: Nebraska

The Big Ten is a great fit for the Huskers, who find themselves as a part of the very lucrative Big Ten Network.  One could also argue that Nebraska is now in a conference that features a much more cultural fit.

Also, the geographic nature of the Big Ten should potentially help Nebraska with the recruiting process going forward.

WINNER: Kansas Basketball

Many haven’t touched upon this one, but one of the biggest powers in college hoops may have found themselves without a major conference, and losing some big time programs to play against on a regular basis.  Instead, the Big 12 conference remains intact and the Jayhawks will still have Oklahoma and Texas frequenting their schedule during the winter months.

WINNER: The Big 12 Leftovers

Teams like Missouri, Baylor, Kansas and Kansas State were rumored to be hours from being without a conference.  The result would have likely been a move to a conference with significantly less competition.  Also, there would be less money for their respective programs.

Instead, each school (and their representatives) can breathe a giant sigh of relief.


Honestly, if you look at the BCS, there could have been a significant change in the balance of conference power – and with the way the system is set up currently, it was a great possibility that a significantly weaker conference could have been earning an automatic berth with the changes that almost occurred.

Therefore, the minimal changes that did go through should keep legit automatic berths in play for all the major conferences – and everyone’s favorite BCS can continue to put mostly big-time schools in the major bowl games.

LOSER: Pac-10 Conference

This is the most glaringly obvious choice among the list of losers.  Throughout the week, the Pac-10 was reportedly hours from becoming a super conference featuring 16 teams, including Texas and Oklahoma from the Big 12.pac-10-logo

Now, not only did they lose out on the Big 12’s best, they are also having issues with their own elite schools, mainly USC and the sanctions it is currently facing.

Fortunately, there are rumors that Utah may be moving to the Pac-10 – and combined with Colorado, they can boost the conference up to 12 teams.

LOSER: Mountain West Conference

Listen, the addition of Boise State to the MWC is a good thing – a great thing, actually.

However, there are several rumors pointing to Utah departing for the Pac-10, especially after the Big 12 powers decided to stay put.

On top of all this, the Mountain West appeared primed to steal away a major BCS berth if the Big 12 fell apart – and now that opportunity may have faded away as well.

LOSER: FOX Network

The rumors of a Pac-10 super conference also were pointing to FOX teaming up to form a network for the new and improved group of schools, but now that deal doesn’t seem to be anywhere near as lucrative as it could have been – and instead of stealing away some revenue and figures from ESPN, little has changed as the situation stands now.


With the Trojans facing sanctions, there could have been a boost for the school to be coupled with some of the biggest powers in college football, mainly Texas and Oklahoma moving to the Pac-10.  Having teams that travel well and bring in big money would have helped soften the blow that will result from the pending sanctions against the Trojans.

For those that don’t buy into this, think outside the box.  It may be two years without a bowl game.  Add in the loss of scholarships and it’s possible USC could be years from being elite again.

LOSER: Big 12 Conference

Finally, the conference realignment goes full-circle, with the Big 12 conference emerging also as a loser on my list.

It’s a winner for staying alive.  It’s a loser because the loss of both Colorado and Nebraska means the Big 12 is in position to lose its conference championship game.  Now, they can see how tough it can be to have such a long layoff before a major bowl game.  This has been a major sticking point for the Big Ten over recent years.