The Kentucky Derby is coming.  That means horses and photo finishes.  It means Triple Crown hopes, gambling, and lots of partying.  Last but not least, off-the-wall, ridiculous and funny Kentucky Derby hats.

Take the following hats, which after combing the internet and watching a number of races over the years, these famous Derby tops are the cream of the crop. 

The Wife Hates Sports chooses these as the most off-the-wall, amusing and hysterical of the bunch.

In regards to the woman with the fluffy yellow hat, someone may want to go and check on the health and well-being of San Diego’s mascot ‘The Chicken’.

Or then there’s the girl with the Kentucky Fried hat.  You know, it could be worse: at least it isn’t a hat of the Double Down sandwich.  Yikes, wearing that alone would give a person heartburn.

Honestly, with the kind of traffic that comes in with these Derby hats, it may need to be an annual post at The Wife Hates Sports.  So sip on a mint julep and look at the ridiculous hats that people continue to wear at this horse race.  It could become our new favorite pastime.

Take a look at these Kentucky Derby hats in all their glory…

Top Kentucky Derby Hats

Image Credit: “Flamingo Lady”: Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images