It’s Wednesday – and that means it’s time for “Hump Day Links” at The Wife Hates Sports.  It is time to feature various entertaining reads throughout the online sports world… plus a few sports opinions (from yours truly) mixed right in.

I would like to encourage you to not only use the comments as a forum for sports chatter, but also to check out some of these writers as well.  Enjoy!

Hump Day Links: Good Reads for March 10, 2010

Sports Chump: How to Host A Successful NCAA March Madness Bracket Challenge

The funny thing is… I had a life-sized homemade bracket that I used for years – and an old jerk of a landlord actually threw it out when she was in our apartment cleaning up before our final move-out.


“O Carolina, where art thou this season?!”

MoonDog Sports: Is Ohio State A No. 1 Seed?

Personally, I’m a little bummed that the Bucks have been so hot – because I had them slated as a sleeper in the tournament weeks ago.  Now that obviously will not be the case…

Josh Q. Public: Game Of The Night: Modern Family

For those that missed the hysterical Modern Family commercial (which aired during the Oscars)… here it is:

Tophatal’s Blog: NFL Draft – It’s for Guys Who Have A Lot of Time On Their Hands

Another strong opinion from Al – this time talking about the NFL Draft…

Fat Pickled: Redskins: A Booty Call No More

So true… and for everyone that said the ‘Skins were dumping all that salary to make yet another careless splash, I want to ask… “How’s that foot taste?”

Guyism: 7 Dumbest Celebrity Lawsuitsbaby-reads-on-crapper

This idea was sparked off Lindsay Lohan and her lawsuit against E*Trade… which as the way I see it, is more of a publicity stunt than anything.  Does the commercial make me think of Miss Lohan?  NO!

Ask Men: Top 10: Crime Bosses

Yet another solid Top Ten from Ask Men… say that three times fast, or I’ll whack ya…


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