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The Sports Oscars: Handing Out Academy Awards in Sports

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Unless you’re living in a bubble – you’re aware that the 82nd Annual Academy Awards are here – with Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin hosting this year’s event.oscars-statue

The Wife Hates Sports tackled the Oscars already with predictions on the major awards – and now it’s time for the sports spin – twisting and tying in the sports world over the last year or so, by creating its own list of “Sports Oscars”…

…And here they are – The Wife Hates Sports’ 2010 Sports Oscars:

The 2010 Sports Oscars

Best Supporting Actor

Best athlete in a supporting role – as in… putting on a great show, but often being ‘second fiddle’ to a superstar

The Nominees Are: Niklas Backstrom (Washington Capitals – supporting superstar Alex Ovechkin), Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder – supporting superstar Kevin Durant), Michael Beasley (Miami Heat – supporting superstar Dwayne Wade) and Pierre Garcon (Indianapolis Colts – supporting superstar receivers Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark)

KP’s Winner: Niklas Backstrom (Washington Capitals) – Discussing the Capitals and Ovechkin come hand in hand, because after all, Ovie is the face of the franchise.  But people should get to know Backstrom, who is currently 5th in the NHL in total points (77 – 26 goals, 51 assists).

Best Original Score

The most original score recently in sports – whether it’s a touchdown, a dunk, a goal, a hole-in-one, or whatever else.  It just has to be unique and something we don’t see often.

Due to the high volume of nominations, let’s just skip straight to this year’s winner (in an upset) – along with the clip of his feat:

KP’s Winner: Dwyane Wade’s dunk over Cleveland’s Anderson Varejao on a fast break (back in November of 2009).  Take a look for yourself:

Best Original Song

The top song that is frequently played in stadiums throughout the country

The Nominees Are: Let’s Get It Started (Black Eyed Peas), Enter Sandman (Metallica), Hells Bells (AC/DC), Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond) and Kernkraft 400 (Zombie Nation)

KP’s Winner: In an upset, I’m going with “Kernkraft 400”, not because it’s the best song in this list – but because it pumps up thousands upon thousands of people in football stadiums throughout the country.  Just hearing it makes me want to jump up and cheer for a big-time play.

Best Costume Design

Top outfit, as in uniform or attire worn by a player or coach in a sport

The Nominees Are: Rick Pitino (Louisville Basketball), Denver Broncos (Throwback Unis) and Bruce Pearl (Tennessee Basketball) – see below:


From left to right: Bruce Pearl, Brandon Marshall (Broncos) and Rick Pitino

KP’s Winner: Bruce Pearl (Tennessee) – Because nothing beats that neon orange!  Also, there’s the simple fact that I have no clue where you can even find anything like that.  It’s like Jim Carrey’s getup from Dumb and Dumber.

Best Animated Feature

This award features the top recent animated action by a pleyer or coach – whether a dance, an argument, or whatever comes off as ‘animated’…

The Nominees Are: Seth Greenberg (Virginia Tech basketball), Rex Ryan (New York Jets), Buzz Williams (Marquette basketball) and Bill Lynch (Indiana football)

KP’s Winner: Buzz Williams – Hey, the Oscars often feature upsets featuring winners we’ve never heard of – and it’s possible a lot of people hadn’t seen this one – but it’s amusing.  The dunk was pretty ridiculous, too.

Best Director


Top directed performance through a coach in a sport

The Nominees Are: Sean Payton (New Orleans Saints), Randy Edsall (Connecticut football) and Joe Girardi (New York Yankees)

KP’s Winner: Randy Edsall (pictured – right) – There are plenty of reasons for this pick over a championship coach.  Not only has Coach Edsall built up a program at a school that was only known for basketball, but also he pushed a team to a bowl game and successful season, all after the death of a teammate.

Best Actor

Best athlete or top athlete in an acting performance over recent memory

The Nominees Are: Charles Barkley (Taco Bell), Peyton Manning (Saturday Night Live) and Brett Favre (Sears)

KP’s Winner: Peyton Manning (Saturday Night Live) – for the video below:

Best Picture

The best overall picture painted by a team in the sports world over the last year


The Nominees Are: Los Angeles Lakers, New York Yankees, Team Canada Hockey, New Orleans Saints and Alabama Crimson Tide

KP’s Winner: New Orleans Saints (Super Bowl XLIV Champs) – It was a heck of a ride for the Drew Brees-led (see right) Saints this season – who upset the Colts, therefore bringing home the title to the city of New Orleans and leaving the country all with nothing to say but, “Who Dat?”

The Wife Hates Sports would like to welcome any additional awards and feedback that you may have – and as always, thanks… and enjoy the Oscars!

*All videos via YouTube

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  1. admin March 12, 2010 at 9:02 AM

    Mr ED,

    I’m surprised you hadn’t seen that one yet… but yes, it’s a classic. You should google Manning or just search him on YouTube, I think you’ll run into some more gems… that one may be my favorite though. I died when I first saw it.

  2. Mr Ed On Third March 10, 2010 at 8:00 AM

    I’m on board with the Peyton Manning selection for best Actor. I laughed for 10 minutes.

  3. admin March 8, 2010 at 11:03 PM

    Yeah that may be a Grammys post that it could work for… and ‘the Durantula’ would be the perfect fit. That kid can play, no doubt about that one…. the Thunder have been a pleasant surprise this year.

  4. Chris Humpherys March 8, 2010 at 11:27 AM

    I know there’s no Oscar for Best New Artist but if there were, I’d have to give it to Kevin Durant. Kid is BALLIN!!!!

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