It’s time for another Caption Challenge here at The Wife Hates Sports – so put your creative hat on and start brainstorming some quotable goodness.  In this edition, we celebrate the pending arrival of NCAA Selection Sunday.  March Madness is back, people!

The college basketball season is heating up – and conference tournaments are underway, with a handful of bids to the big dance already punched.  Championship Week is upon us and Selection Sunday is only a week away.

Of course, this means that March Madness is just around the corner.  Cinderella is searching for that slipper already.  Coaches of smaller schools are preparing motivational speeches.  Underdogs are prepping game plans to take down the overconfident higher seeds.

That takes us to this week’s unique snapshot – straight from the college hoops world.  It’s a painful looking one, for sure.  The player from Pepperdine basically looks like he’s treating his opponent like a human bowling ball.

As always, we encourage you to come up with the most creative, funny, or unique caption possible.  You haven’t disappointed in the past, so why start now?

Have at it, friends!

Caption Challenge: NCAA Selection Sunday is Near!


As always, thank you for reading The Wife Hates Sports!