The Throwing Tomatoes segment, originating from my original sports blog in 2006, has been on a hiatus for a few months, but don’t fret, it isn’t being dropped like a routine pass to Braylon Edwards.

For those new to it, It’s an opportunity to show some displeasure for the “goings on” in the sports world with good ol’ fashioned tomato throwing.

Here are the targets from this week, a busy one in sports and entertainment…

Throwing Tomatoes: January 14, 2010

The Hate for Donovan McNabb in Philadelphia

…and its resurfacing after another tough playoff loss.

Yes, the Eagles were a win away from a first-round bye.  Yes, they got smacked around back-to-back weeks by the Cowboys.  But don’t blame Donovan for this one – look at the injuries suffered, not just to guys like Brian Westbrook, but also the majority of the offensive line.  Yet, McNabb managed to piece together another solid season.  Cut the guy a break!

The Renewed McGwire/Canseco Feud

…for plaguing the headlines in sports.

Fine, Mark McGwire made an emotional speech coming out and admitting that he did take PED’s, including during his record-breaking season.  A small part of me applauds him for finally coming out, but the rest of me not only says “it’s about time”, but also the fact that I think his announcement was more sugarcoated than a funnel cake at the town carnival.  On top of that, there’s the renewed squabble with Jose Canseco.  Yawn… guys let it go – or Mark, do what Jose says and take the polygraph test with him – now that would be great theater, kids.

The Six Degrees of Separation of USC

…for making me think something fishy is going on here – in multiple places.

Pete Carroll – Amid all the rumors flying – and yes they are for now, rumors – one can’t help but wonder “why now” when it comes to the former USC coach finally bolting back to the NFL.

Lane Kiffin – For all the drama that Lane Kiffin brought before even coaching one game at Tennessee… for all he brought to the SEC – and now, BOOM – he’s gone just like that.

Tennessee fans – C’mon, is Kiffin really worth all the rioting and violence?  The team was 7-6 this year – and he caused a boatload of headaches.  Give me a break – not that you want to hear it, but look how much better Nick Saban did at ‘Bama his first season.  Vols faithful: UT is a great program that will be back – count on it.

John Lucas

… for starting a verbal war with the Cavaliers.

If you haven’t heard, the word on the street is that the former Cleveland coach Lucas, as discussed to AOL Fanhouse, feels that the Cavs tanked their season in order to draft LeBron James.  Maybe, maybe not – but there’d be no shock here to hear that there were other teams that did the same thing.  In the end, it sounds like a spat between grade school kids.  Next, we’ll hear that Lucas had his lunch money swiped away, too.

Wild Card Weekend

… for mostly disappointing.

Thanks to Arizona and Green Bay, it wasn’t a complete bust of a football weekend. It’s safe to say that the Pack and Cards put the “wild” in Wild Card Weekend – but where was the defense?  Cripes, the entire cast of Designing Women could have covered these receivers better.  No doubt, this game – a 51-45 overtime win by Arizona in OT – was damn entertaining.  It was just the defense that was atrocious.  In fact, Baltimore and Dallas were really the only two defensive units that showed up last weekend.

Braylon Edwards

…for continuing to underachieve – plus getting hit with probation.

The former Michigan standout gets a double helping this week.  Not only is he facing probation due to an incident where he was accused of punching an acquaintance of NBA star LeBron James, but Edwards has also continued to struggle with “the dropsies”.  In fact, it came as a surprise that he was able to catch that guy’s face at all.

Florida Marlins

…for having to be forced by the union to spend MORE money.

In a time when a lot of fans are begging for a salary cap as teams like the Yankees and Red Sox have more cash than Lane Kiffin has frequent flier miles, it’s downright shocking that a situation like this can arise.  But it did and the Marlins are already responding, after coming to terms with an extension on talented starter Josh Johnson.


…for turning the Tonight Show into a sideshow.

Hey, this thing isn’t always about sports, and this writer is completely dumbfounded by the “love triangle” between Leno, Conan and NBC.  I get that the network had to do something to please its affiliates, but bumping O’Brien is just plain wrong – especially this soon.  Say what you want about his ratings and the fact that he was losing to Letterman, keep in mind that Jay wasn’t beating Dave for a while either.


This has been Throwing Tomatoes, where this posting won’t be delayed by a half hour.

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