The National Football League navigated its way through an unorthodox year.  Now, here we are… time for Super Bowl LV.  So, while the Kansas City Chiefs take on Brady and the Bucs in Tampa Bay, the world will be watching.  Sure, the stadium won’t be full and there will be a lot different this year.  There will also be some things we are used to.  Commercials, Super Bowl snacks and off-the-wall Super Bowl LV prop bets.  I’m pretty confident THE WIFE won’t realize how many things you can bet on.  With that in mind, I decided to present a series of crazy, off-the-wall prop bets for her to make picks on.

The website Odds Shark has an extensive list of options (via Bovada).  So, here we go, with Part 1 of me grilling THE WIFE on a plethora of wild and crazy Super Bowl LV Prop Bets.

Super Bowl LV Prop Bets: The Wife Tackles the Crazy Options (Part 1)

KP: Are you ready to make some prop bet picks for the Super Bowl?

THE WIFE: Am I ready to what?

KP: Are you ready to make some prop bet picks for the Super Bowl?

THE WIFE: Pick what?  What am I picking?

Note: I had to take a break to explain what a prop bet was and present a few options.


KP: What color liquid will be poured on the game-winning coach?

THE WIFE: Just water – ice water.

Note: On, February 5, “Clear/Water” was +625 on Bovada (as mentioned by Odds Shark)

I’m taking “Orange”, as that was what was poured on Andy Reid last year.

KP: Who will the Super Bowl LV MVP mention first in his speech?


That does happen often, so maybe she does occasionally pay attention during these games.

Who knew?

KP: Will a fan run onto the field during the game?

THE WIFE: During the game?  No.  Are there even going to be that many fans there?

KP: I think it’s around 25,000 or so.  Need to fact check that.


KP: Will either kicker hit the upright or crossbar on a field goal or extra point attempt?


Bold.  I almost hope this happens.  Eat your heart out, Cody Parkey.

Brady, Brady and more Brady

KP: What position will the MVP play?

THE WIFE: Quarterback – it’s always the quarterback.

KP: OK, so which one then?

THE WIFE: Well… I don’t want this to be the case, but… Tampa Bay is going to win and it’s going to be Brady.

Don’t get mad, Brady faithful.  Living in New England for many years, the Brady chatter has gotten old.  Even for the WIFE that HATES sports. 

Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jerseys and Fan Gear

KP: What will the Chiefs call for the coin toss?

THE WIFE: Heads.

Somehow, I have to make this more entertaining. 

KP: Will Tom Brady attempt to high-five an official?


KP: You have nothing funny to add to that one?


KP: You’re not surprised that some of these exist?


Swing and a miss – AGAIN.

KP: “What will be the primary color of Patrick Mahomes’ headband?”


Hey, at least she knows Kansas City’s color scheme.

Presidents, Coaches and… Legends

KP: How many times will Joe Biden be mentioned on the broadcast?

THE WIFE: The entire Super Bowl?  Who’s keeping track?

KP: Yes, the entire game.  Yes, they keep track of everything.

THE WIFE: It has to be people broadcasting the game, not during commercials?

KP (inside voice): Wait, she might actually be getting into this?

THE WIFE: With commercials, 10 times.  Without, four.

This doesn’t count the CBS Super Bowl interview prior.

KP: How many times will Bill Belichick be mentioned?

THE WIFE: 15 times. 

Wow, fifteen times.  Sadly, she might not be that far off. 

So that’s the OVER on both Biden and Belichick.  For what it’s worth, I’m not reading the OVER/UNDER to her, because that’ll just add confusion.  I tried doing that in the past and well… never mind. 

KP: How many times will Gisele Bundchen be shown?

THE WIFE: Twenty!

KP: TWENTY?  Ha ha.

A lot of people probably wouldn’t mind that one bit.

The Tony Award Goes To…

KP: What will be said first by Tony Romo?

THE WIFE: In what capacity?  When?

KP: He’s the color analyst.

THE WIFE: I don’t know his personality to know what he’s going to say.

KP: OK, I have to give you the options: Read, Penetration, Blitz, A-Gap and Trick Play.

THE WIFE (making faces): What?  He’s not going to say that word, he’s going to say a whole sentence.  Say them again.

KP: Read, Penetration, Blitz, A-Gap and Trick Play.  It’s when they get said first in a sentence.


She said that quickly like she knew what the term meant.


Check out Part 2 of our Super Bowl LV Prop Bets selections, with focus on the National Anthem, the Halftime Show, game predictions and more!

Also, feel free to chime in with some picks of your own and as always, thank you for visiting The Wife Hates Sports!  Enjoy the big game.  Some of us will.


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