Today, the Seattle Kraken were officially born, revealing logos, colors and more.  The NHL is coming to the Pacific Northwest.

As an unofficial critic of team logo or jersey changes (or in this case, additions), I’m honestly impressed. 

Like, really impressed.

So, considering I also follow this crazy adventure with THE WIFE, I will always try to find ways to incorporate her in hopes that I can generate some off-the-wall site material.

Consider the Seattle Kraken logo reveal as a jackpot that winning lottery tickets can’t even come close to touching.  Seriously, this turned out to be the perfect opportunity to feature another edition of the “Better Half”, where I take one side and THE WIFE takes another.

We provide our opinions and then open it up to a vote.  Then, you – the reader – chimes in. 

In the case of the Seattle Kraken, I will also include some deals from Fanatics for team merchandise, that is…. if you happen to be on my side.  Otherwise, why would you care?

Who is the Better Half?  Let’s start with THE WIFE, because after all, ladies first, right?

Better Half: THE WIFE’s Take – Seattle Kraken Name is Awful

The conversation went like this after I asked THE WIFE if she had seen the reveal of the new NHL team:

THE WIFE: “That’s awful.  I don’t even know what that is.  Kraken?  Like a crack in the wall?  I don’t understand.

KP: You’ve never heard of a kraken?

THE WIFE: No.  It’s like someone is trying to say a slang word.  How do you spell it? 


THE WIFE: I would have guessed, “Crack’n”

KP: We’re done here.

THE WIFE: It’s awful.

KP: You said that already.  I honestly love it.

THE WIFE: <silence>, followed by a blank stare that could move mountains (and maybe has)

KP: Don’t you know the movie with Liam Neeson (Clash of the Titans), when he screams out “RELEASE THE KRAKEN!”

THE WIFE: Release the octopuses?

KP: Well, technically it’s a… sigh!  Never mind.   

Welcome to my world in sports.

I showed her the following video and she just shrugged her shoulders and walked away.

Translation: the video jumped across the Grand Canyon that is her opinion and landed nowhere near the other side.  That was easy enough.  Moving on.

Better Half: KP’s Take – Seattle Kraken Name is Great

This marks another addition of a team name without an “S” at the end.  The Miami Heat specifically reached out to welcome the Kraken to this special (and limited) family.

Months ago, when the name was rumored, I didn’t know how I felt about it.  After it was released today, I loved it.  The logo is sleek, simple, yet features a certain bad-ass-ery to it that is fitting for a professional hockey team.  It pushed me to even make up a word like “bad-ass-ery”. 

The secondary logo fits and also subtly features the Space Needle.

The color scheme is cool and the sweaters (or jerseys, if you’d rather call them that) are also great.  Overall, I have to say this is one of the better releases or changes in recent memory.  That’s my personal opinion and I give the Seattle Kraken reveal a vote of “GREAT”.

Seriously, imagine watching a hockey intro with a light show featuring tentacles and the famous scene from Clash of the Titans?

That’s enough for me to get fired up, and I’m not even from Seattle.

Toss in some more famous Liam Neeson lines too, while we’re at it.  This team has a “very particular set of skills” – and so on.

Better Half Vote

Where do you stand?  Who is the BETTER HALF?  Do you think the new Seattle Kraken team name and logo is GREAT or AWFUL?

Vote below and feel free to leave some feedback in the comments section.  Chime in on some of the other team jersey reveals in recent days (and weeks), too.  These are fun areas to debate.

Oh, and as always, THANK YOU for visiting The Wife Hates Sports!

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Credits: Seattle Kraken Twitter | Clash of the Titans