The 2020 NFL Schedule has officially been released.  With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing and our country desperate for sports, the release was transformed into a three-hour television special.

Three hours!

That’s just to talk about the regular season schedule and what the season could look like.  Heck, we don’t even know when or if the games will take place.  Yet, here we are predicting records and analyzing to that level of detail.  Then again, what else do we have to do, search for new toilet paper memes?

Here at The Wife Hates Sports, I spared THE WIFE from the actual TV event.  Although, it could have made for some comical site material.  Instead, we continued to stream The Americans, a show that we failed to finish during its six-year run that ended in 2018.

But getting back to the 2020 NFL schedule release, I figured I might as well join the party.

Don’t worry, no deep dives or anything like that.  I simply want to focus on my gut reaction to each week in the schedule.  First, start with a quick glance that leads to my most intriguing matchup, while also attempting to include as many different teams in the list as I can.

With new coaches, player changes, intriguing draft picks and changes galore, there are a plethora of big-time headlines ready to pop.

Of course, the existing core of coaches are also likely to impact these decisions.  Speaking of which, before we get started, here is an amusing video tied to the NFL schedule release, presented by comedian and impressionist Frank Caliendo.

As I began to comb through the NFL schedule, I quickly found that this is easier said than done.  Either way, at first glance, here are my most intriguing games for Weeks 1 through 8.  Oh and remember, I’m attempting to include as many different teams as I can.

2020 NFL Schedule: Most Intriguing Matchup for Weeks 1-8 (Part 1 of 2)

Week 1: Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots

There are a lot of good options during the first week.  Some of you will love Brady vs Brees.  Others will pick the revamped Browns facing the Ravens.  But the best option remains the Patriots at home in what will be New England’s first game without Tom Brady.  This will give us a peak into the current state of the Patriots (one of the most successful dynasties in the history of sports).  Who will start at QB for New England?  Will Tua be ready and starting for Miami?  How will the overhauled Dolphins gel as a group?  Will there be a regime change in the AFC East?  Headlines aplenty!

Week 2: Baltimore Ravens at Houston Texans  

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Man, Week 1 is so much better on paper.  Still, Week 2 has a few intriguing matchups.  If this game were being played in Baltimore, I would’ve likely picked a high-speed, high-octane Rams-Eagles matchup.  Instead, Lamar Jackson facing JJ Watt and a talented Texans defense (in Houston) should be fun.  Bill O’Brien makes nothing but head-scratching moves, but there is still plenty of talent on the offensive side of the football (for both teams).  Hopkins is gone, but the Texans still have weapons.  This one could be a high-scoring, take-the-over kinda game.

Week 3: Green Bay Packers at New Orleans Saints

Cowboys-Seahawks, Rams-Bills and Bucs-Broncos are all intriguing.  That’s the first level.  Then, there’s the next level, being Aaron Rodgers versus Drew Brees on Sunday night and a Mahomes – Jackson duel for Monday Night Football.  While Mahomes and Jackson is likely to be a gem, I expect more slashing and running there.  Give me the pass happy Pack-Saints game instead.  That’s also because I told you that I’d pick one game a week and I’m trying to spread the love to as many teams as I can. 

Week 4: Philadelphia Eagles at San Francisco 49ers

This is a grudge match on paper.  Looking at last year, you have the 49ers (#1 in rushing – 204.0 ypg in 2019) versus the Eagles (#1 in run defense – 64.0 ypg in 2019).  I’m not crazy about the draft that the Eagles had, but will be the first to admit that Philadelphia frequently steps up in big games (and on even bigger stages).  Just look at what Philly did to the red-hot Packers on the road last year in primetime.  If the Eagles are strong against the run again, the Niners will have their hands full.

Week 5: Buffalo Bills at Tennessee Titans

You see the matchup on paper and instantly think of the Music City Miracle, which was 20 years ago.  Now that these two teams have a good chance to be playoff bound again, it’s hard to not be intrigued by this game.  The Bills have a very strong defense and are likely to be butting heads with Derrick Henry.  Expect a lot of bruises and a hard fought game.  Down and dirty football at its finest.

Week 6: Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers

There has always been bad blood in this rivalry, but every football fan knows that boiled over following last season.  Throw in the potential for a healthy Big Ben facing a revamped Browns team and we have a very intriguing matchup.  Some might be skeptical about these Browns, considering what happened last year.  The talent is there, so let’s see where they stand by the time Week 6 arrives.  Either way, expect some form of fireworks in this game.

Week 7: Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos

If you’re a regular reader at The Wife Hates Sports, you’ll know how I feel about the NFL Draft that the Broncos had this year.  Denver has a ton of youth and talent on offense.  By Week 7, some of the rookies will have gotten their feet wet for a few months.  Combine that with the home crowd backing Denver, and I can’t wait to see what happens in this game.  Mahomes and the Chiefs versus an up-and-coming Denver offense?  Yes, please – and pass the popcorn.

Week 8: San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks

Hands down, this was the best regular season division rivalry from last year.  These two teams combined for a 50-48 score, where Seattle also handed the Niners its first loss in 2019.  Let’s not forget the down-to-the-wire stand to decide seeding in the playoffs during the finale.  It’s simply not fair to make us wait until Week 8 to see where this rivalry takes us next.

Part 2: Weeks 9-17

Which game(s) are you most looking forward in the upcoming season?  Are there any bold predictions that you want to make?  Let’s talk football via the comments section below.

As always, thank you for visiting The Wife Hates Sports!