A die-hard fan of the Denver Broncos spent $21,000 to watch his team play live in Super Bowl 50.  You read that right: TWENTY-ONE-THOUSAND-BIG ONES.  That in itself is insane enough for most of us to comprehend.  There’s one more thing: He’s a married Broncos fan – and he didn’t tell THE WIFE.

That’s either idiotic, genius or a combination of the two.

Justin Kerrigan is his name, by the way… although most wives might call him “a dead man” after hearing that part of the story.

Worse, he admitted this on live television (to NBC Bay Area).

man spends $21000 on super bowl tickets

This married Broncos fan spent $21,000 on Super Bowl tickets and didn’t tell THE WIFE.  Translation: He might be single soon. (Credit: NBC Bay Area – Video)

He spent twenty-one grand on tickets and doesn’t look like he’s rolling in the dough.

I’m still processing this on behalf of the rest of the world.

Here is the video, taken by NBC Bay Area Chief Meteorologist Jeff Ranieri:

Dedication is not the word most of us would choose, Jeff.

Although, it’s quite possible that Mr. Kerrigan is playing to the camera a bit here, considering where finances stand as a key piece of martial communication.

Then again, maybe this guy wants to be single again or THE WIFE really does know about it and she’s actually a die-hard fan herself.

With all of this in play, a mind can truly wonder as to how this would be discussed amongst friends:

The Married Man

  • Get ready to sign those divorce papers, buddy
  • Hope you have Palmolive hands because you’re going to be on dish duty for a month
  • Prepare to master your selective hearing because the nagging is about to hit historic levels
  • You did what?
  • Are you wearing a cup?

The Single Man

  • Dude, you’re going to the Super Bowl – that’s awesome!
  • How did you manage to save up 21 G’s, bro?
  • Dude, you got Super Bowl tickets – THAT’S AWESOME!
  • <Staring blankly – and in awe>
  • Dude, you…

Meanwhile, Chief Meteorologist Jeff Ranieri is likely still processing this one, considering his reaction in the video.  Perhaps Ranieri is calculating the act into percentages, shifting from a 40% chance for rain to a 40% chance of this man’s marriage surviving.

One thing’s clear: You can’t doubt Kerrigan’s confidence – only his bank account.

Maybe not even that.

How much would you spend to attend a Super Bowl featuring your favorite team?

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