Even with the task of facing the league’s best defense, many expected Peyton Manning and the Broncos to cap off a record-breaking season with Super Bowl success. Links to Sportsbook odds for Super Bowl XLVIII show that the Broncos were favored to win, but those who backed those odds may still be hurting after having their bets blasted into oblivion within the game’s first 27 minutes. It was far from a surprise that the Seattle Seahawks won.  Still, few would have expected them to do it with one of the most impressive and dominant performances in Super Bowl history.


Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson seem destined to find more success in Seattle

Will the Seahawks be the Team of this Decade?

The big question now is whether or not the Seahawks can do it again. Getting back to the Super Bowl two years in a row is extremely difficult as it is, but winning it twice in a row? That is a monumental task, especially when there are numerous teams who could be legitimate contenders.  They need the pieces to fall into place and all of the other factors, like injuries, that can come into play every season. But Super Bowl history has seen a team claim nab back-to-back titles in every decade.  Just look at the Packers in the 60s, the Dolphins and the Steelers in the 70s, the 49ers in the 80s, the Cowboys and the Broncos in the 90s, and the Patriots in the last decade.  If there’s a franchise to do it in this decade, odds are that it will be Seattle.

This is a franchise that appears ready for a lengthy run of success at a championship level.  It’s often said that defense wins championships.  As shown by their shutdown of Manning on Sunday and most other 12th-man-seahawksopponents the last couple of seasons, the Seahawks are pretty competent in that area.  Also, they have a talented young quarterback in Russell Wilson who will only get better with time. And last but not least, they have a brilliant coach in Pete Carroll.  Carroll’s confidence and desire to win, win, win resonates throughout his team.  Let’s not forget a billionaire owner who can and will do what it takes to set the stage for sustained excellence.  Sports fans in Seattle have had to suffer through a lot of heartache over the years.  But they should get familiar with the view from the top.