As he does every week, Jimmy Fallon presented the world with his Late Night Superlatives.  As usual they feature a number of jabs at the NFL players featured on Sunday Night Football for the week.  It’s just in the high school yearbook-like format.

This week’s game is likely to be an instant classic, with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning doing battle for potentially the last time.

With the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots facing off, Fallon delivered a number of good zings, including one against Manning.

Brady, he left alone.  

Perhaps Jimmy saw Tom’s fuming f-bomb tirade against the refs last weekend.


Watch out, Peyton Manning, Jimmy Fallon has a Late Night superlative for you.

But be careful, Jimmy, as Mr. Manning may choose to miss being a guest on your show in the future.  He had previous fallouts with Dan Patrick, though it’s possible that those were overplayed for effect.

Who knows.

After all, it would seem that Peyton can take a joke.  That is… one would think so, if seeing him previously on countless commercials, or as the host of Saturday Night Live.

Either way, here’s the clip of the bit from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – and if you ask me, the best ones were delivered at Logan Ryan and Matthew Slater.

But hey, you be the judge…

Note (Update): This edition of superlatives is no longer available, but here is a different version that involves the New England Patriots from the 2014 season: