That karaoke-singing, overly exuberant and borderline ridiculous Arkansas fan is back on YouTube’s airwaves this week, following the Razorbacks’ 52-0 drubbing at the hands of the Alabama Crimson Tide.  With a performance like that, the singing Arkansas football fan is all the Razorbacks can look forward right about now.

She previously promised a 100-3 victory over Alabama.  Despite the result, has her confidence and passion for Arkansas football wavered one bit?  Of course not.

You have to hand it to her.  She easily has to be the most positive Arkansas football fan in the United States right now.

Her latest video hit YouTube and it’s just as amusing as the one from last week.

This time, she covers ‘Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now’.

It should have been a spoof titled, ‘Ain’t No Startin’ Us Now’, featuring various clips of John L. Smith venting or showing frustration.  Seriously, somebody get that guy an ice pack, so he can cool off that hot seat.  Either that, or maybe ice down his you-know-what, which has been getting kicked all over the field for the past few weeks.

Chime in if the video amuses you, or feel free to banter about the future of the SEC this year, Arkansas football, or even John L’s job status.