If every rumor in the sports and entertainment world were true, Tim Tebow would be dating more than a Kardashian during mating season.

Then again, no one should be shocked.  That can happen when you’re such a polarizing figure.

Back in December, headlines swirled that Tim Tebow was dating Lindsay Vonn.  Later, the Olympics skiing beauty nixed that rumor, via her Twitter account.

The latest rumor has Tebow with popular musician Taylor Swift, according to ClevverTV.  As discussed on the ClevverNews ‘Romance Report’ (via YouTube), Swift and Tebow were recently spotted at the Toscanova Italian Restaurant in Century City, CA.

The report later discussed whether it was a business discussion taking place.  Perhaps it was something more.

All is quiet on Tebow’s Twitter account, as the popular quarterback for the Denver Broncos hasn’t submitted a message in more than a few days.

The only saucy thing happening on this night is likely one of the ingredients at Toscanova.

Tebow is a popular figure in sports, entertainment and charity.  This isn’t the first time we’ll see his name mixed with a female celebrity,  It certainly won’t be the last either.

Best guess: this was a friendly or business related meet and greet, and nothing more.

But until Swift or Tebow confirms that fact, the world of entertainment will remain buzzing.


First, it was Lindsay Vonn.  Now, rumors are swirling around Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift