Jimmy Fallon is the latest to join in on the Tim Tebow craze.  Call it another layer of “Tebowmania”, as many prefer to call it.


Fallon wearing Tebow jersey and spoofing David Bowie

The sports world has clearly embraced Tebow, voted as America’s most popular athlete, via a recent ESPN Sports Poll.

Late night television hosts are now jumping on the wagon.

Enter Fallon, who on his late night show, featured a comic bit where the host stepped out on the stage as “Tebowie”.  That would be a hybrid mix of David Bowie and Tim Tebow.  Sporting a Tim Tebow jersey and an old-school Davie Bowie look, Fallon spoofed the legendary musician’s classic hit “Space Oddity”.  During the performance, Fallon dropped numerous funny lines at the expense of the Denver Broncos quarterback and former first round pick.

The episode and this music video, which aired on January 12, 2012, finished with what else, but Jimmy Fallon “Tebowing”.

To show just how impressive the spoof was, check out the “Tebowie” video below from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, followed by a YouTube video featuring David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” for comparison.



Jimmy Fallon’s spoof “Tebowie” finished with Fallon doing what else, but “Tebowing”

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