When he gets a glimpse of his Twitter account today, Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson might just trip over those shoelaces.

On an otherwise ho-hum Twitter traffic morning, the social site saw a ripple effect of “retweets” that quickly got shipped around to a plethora of sports enthusiasts, specifically those that have ties or interests in the college football world.

Denard Robinson, the fleet-footed quarterback for the Michigan Wolverines, had his Twitter account – @DenardX – hacked by an apparent ex-girlfriend.  At least, that’s what it clearly appears to be.  In particular, check the following line of tweets that appeared in Denard’s timeline late on Thursday morning:


Let this be a lesson to everyone, especially sports stars who tend to stray and abuse their power and popularity.  A giant defensive lineman or a talented linebacker with solid closing speed are nothing – absolutely nothing to fear.

But a woman – a “WIFE in sports”, so to speak – when angry and vengeful, can really make a man pay.

So beware the wrath, as Denard “Shoelace” Robinson appears to have learned today… or, is soon to learn.

Give THE WIFE a hug when you get home.  Tell her you love her… then share the story about this poor bastard.

That is all, back to football.