Celebrations, cheering, screaming fans and a group of champions parade down the streets of a team’s hometown.  It’s a common theme throughout all of America’s major sports.  Isn’t that right, Sergio Ramos?

In Europe, it’s no different.  When Real Madrid defeated rival Barcelona 1-0 a few weeks ago in the Spanish Cup final, it was cause for celebration – a parade in fact.

Only, now we know why most soccer players – or footballers, whichever you prefer – should not use their hands.

That goes double for Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid.

The team bus, which won its one-on-one with the prized trophy, “reportedly broke it into at least ten pieces”.

Imagine the outcry in the United States if something happened to the Lombardi Trophy or the Larry O’Brien Trophy.  What if one our championship trophies was demolished by a local town’s celebratory motorcade?

But don’t fret sports fans, the cup known as the Copa del Rey trophy has since been repaired.  It made a triumphant return just a few short days ago.

This time, Ramos made sure to hold on tight, as Madrid players will to this title – its first in nearly two decades.


No need to point fingers, it was definitely Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid that dropped the Spanish Cup trophy under a team bus