It’s the television event of the year, so big that even the commercials are ranked by importance and influence.  It’s Super Bowl XLV, and media members and celebrities will flock from all across the country to celebrate the event and root on the two teams participating.

With the spotlight set on the Super Bowl, who should be considered to be the faces of this year’s big game?  The Wife Hates Sports has the answer – ranking this year’s most influential faces of the Super Bowl – in a three-part series.  Chime in on your own personal rankings, and let’s celebrate the Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers and Super Bowl XLV.

The 45 Faces of Super Bowl XLV (Part 2 of 3)

30. James Jones

Often criticized for dropping many catchable balls, Jones also has big playmaking ability.  He has shown this during the playoffs, having two touchdown receptions, including two clutch catches in the first half of the divisional round game against the Falcons.

29. Antonio Brown

The Steelers rookie WR only had 16 receptions during the regular season, but has been a key contributor in the playoffs.  Brown made a huge catch late in the Ravens game, which led to the go-ahead touchdown.  He also had a clutch third-down conversion late in the AFC title game.

28. B.J. Raji

Raji, a 1st-round pick of the Packers in 2009, made a major impact during the regular season, tallying 6 ½ total sacks.  He also made a huge impact in the NFC championship game, making a key second half pick six that gave the Packers a 14-point cushion.

27. Mike Wallace

Wallace is Pittsburgh’s deep threat, a guy who also emerged as the team’s #1 receiver in 2010 (1,257 yards and 10 TD’s).  Defenses have clamped down on him in the playoffs though, as Wallace has managed just 4 receptions and 26 yards in two games.

26. Brett Favre


Don’t be shocked! Brett Favre will be mentioned during the Super Bowl – guaranteed!

Favre may no longer be a part of the Packers organization, but the comparisons will still emerge in the media on Super Bowl Sunday.  Rodgers can help push the Favre name further away by earning a Super Bowl ring of his own.  Until then, Brett’s name will always turn up.

25. Ike Taylor

Taylor is a hard-hitting and intimidating corner for the Steelers, and someone that any opponent needs to keep an eye on.  No better example was his corner blitz that leveled Mark Sanchez in the AFC Championship, forcing a fumble that led to a defensive touchdown.

24. Charles Woodson

He may be getting up there in age, but the 34-year old veteran cornerback and former defensive player of the year continues to show that he can be a playmaker for the Packers.  Woodson had 92 tackles during the regular season.

23. Troy Aikman

Sadly, Aikman has been in the news lately due to him and his wife separating.  But the more positive spin is the fact that Aikman not only returns to Dallas (where he played throughout his pro career), but also that he’ll be announcing the Super Bowl with Joe Buck.

22. Maurkice Pouncey

The rookie Pro Bowl center for the Steelers has been one of the main subjects of the Super Bowl.  Pouncey is in question for the game, due to an injury during the AFC Championship.  The injury was listed as a high ankle sprain, and recent rumors have ranged from Pouncey having a broken ankle, to definitely being out for Super Bowl XLV.  With him out, the Steelers had a few botched exchanges versus the Jets, and could encounter similar problems during the Super Bowl, too.

21. Ted Thompson

GM Ted Thompson made a lot of great moves to get the Packers where they are today.  Having the job since January 2005, he has been responsible for a number of moves, bringing in a lot of young talent, and most notably, drafting Aaron Rodgers and eventually trading away Brett Favre to the New York Jets.  In the end, all has paid off.

20. Dan Rooney

The Rooney family has been deep rooted in the NFL for years, specifically with the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Dan Rooney was also the main man behind the creation of the “Rooney Rule”, which has given more opportunities for African American head coaches.  Just ask Mike Tomlin, who has had great coaching success with, who else, but the Steelers.

19. Tramon Williams

Tramon Williams has made a huge impact on defense for Green Bay.  The Packers cornerback not only had six INT’s during the regular season, but also three huge INT’s in the playoffs, including a game saver against the Eagles and a pick six against Atlanta just before halftime.

18. Roger Goodell


If Commissioner Roger Goodell has to collect a $1 salary next year, you’ll likely see this face again

The NFL commissioner is in the spotlight for a number of reasons.  Recently, he announced if alockout is not avoided, Goodell will drop his salary to just $1.  Aside the negotiations, he’ll also be a major presence during the Super Bowl, especially during the postgame ceremonies.

17. Mike McCarthy

As the head coach of the Green Bay Packers since 2006, McCarthy has taken his fair share of heat and criticism.  But in the end, the decision to hire him proved to be the correct one, as McCarthy has led the Pack to the Super Bowl.  What a big day it will be for him, too, considering that McCarthy was born in Pittsburgh, and raised as a die-hard Steelers fan.

16. Mike Tomlin

As a guest on the Dan Patrick Show, Warren Sapp said that the first time he met Mike Tomlin, he knew he would be a head coach some day.  Look at Tomlin today, already the youngest coach to win a Super Bowl – and at age 38 – Tomlin now has the Pittsburgh Steelers looking to win its seventh Super Bowl championship.

Part I (45-31)

To be concluded tomorrow with Part III…

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Who Wins "The Hair Bowl" at Super Bowl XLV?

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