Bob Sheppard – the legendary public address announcer at Yankee Stadium for over half a century – has died at the age of 99.


Former Yankees public address announcer Bob Sheppard has died at the age of 99

Whether a New York Yankees fan or not, any follower of Major League Baseball grew used to hearing Sheppard’s voice and attaching it to the game of baseball and its history.

That’s why with Sheppard’s passing, all of Major League Baseball – fans, analysts and players alike – are mourning and remembering this iconic voice of the game.  Because today, a special piece of baseball died with all of us.

In particular, Bob Sheppard is a trending topic today on Twitter – as many are chiming in with their thoughts and paying their respects to the lost legend.

The Wife Hates Sports would like to present a few of the best 140-character Bob Sheppard tweet tributes that we could find – starting with yours truly:

R.I.P. Bob Sheppard (1910-2010)

The world of Twitter always has interesting things to say, especially when the big stories break.  So, when the news of Bob Sheppard’s passing broke, the world of Twitter was there to react.

Sports Fans on Twitter Remember the Yankees Legend


When you think of baseball, you think of voices like Bob Sheppard. R.I.P. Bob, you meant a lot to not just the #Yankees, but all of #MLB


Your attention please. Now ascending to heaven, Number 1, PA announcer, Bob Sheppard. Number 1.


“Most men go to work, but I go to a game. How many men would love to do that?” Bob Sheppard (1910-2010) #Yankees


God has finally chosen the announcer for heaven, RIP Bob Sheppard the Greatest PA announcer of all time


Remember Bob Sheppard, one of the greatest voices in baseball, who passed this morning, at 99. I know Carl Beane will. #Yankees#RedSox


“Bob Sheppard was a great member of the Yankees family and his death leaves a lasting silence.” – statement from GMS


Bob Sheppard, your voice has provided me with some of my greatest moments…thank you. RIP #yankees


Really no analogy or comparison that does Bob Sheppard justice. He was better at his job than anyone else in sports for 50 years.


The Yankees mourn the passing of Bob Sheppard – The Voice of Yankee Stadium.


Bob Sheppard was tickled to know the Yankees named the new media dining room after him. “Is the food good?” he asked me.


The world seems a little quieter without Bob Sheppard. RIP.


RIP Bob Sheppard. Didn’t matter if he was announcing Yogi Berra or Dale Berra, he made them all sound like legends…


RIP Bob Sheppard. I’m not a Yankee Fan but I appreciated “the voice of god” for years as the NY Giants PA man.


Anyone who heard Bob Sheppard at either a Yankee or Giants game truly had the same privelidge I feel right now. That was quite a voice.#fb


RIP Mr. Sheppard. Your voice will never leave me, nor the memory of Yankee fans everywhere.


Bob Sheppard, the Voice of the Yankees, has died in his home in Baldwin, NY. He was 99 years old.