It’s mid-week again – time for “Hump Day Links”… featuring various entertaining reads throughout the online sports world.

Why?  Well, because you’re likely sick of hearing what I have to say – plus I want to give these people props.

This week’s pieces show up strong, much like the Boston Celtics did in Cleveland.

Hump Day Links (Vol. 6): Entertaining Reads for May 12, 2010

MoonDog Sports: Mark Sanchez Downplays Jamie Lynn Sigler Rumors


Photo: Jeremy Goldberg

KP’s Take: For as much as he’s in the news, Sanchez certainly seems like he’s soon going to take Brady’s spot as heartthrob.

Tophatal’s Blog: The NFL Has a Zero Tolerance of What?

Story: Mr. Al pitches in his thoughts on the latest NFL bad boys (e.g. Cushing, LT, etc.)

KP’s Take: It’s pretty unreal how often NFL players are getting into the news for negative reasons, especially with Goodell laying down the law.  When will the extra punishment show on the headlines – or will it ever?

Guyism: The 10 Best Stand-Up Comedians of All-Time

Story: A ton of classic comedians in this list – many I’m sure you would agree with…

KP’s Take: On top of this, not listed is the late Mitch Hedberg, who many did not know of – but in my opinion, he was hilarious.  Take the following sample from Letterman’s show…

Sports Chump: Woe are the Dallas Mavericks

Story: The Chump touches on another disappointing season for the Mavs

KP’s Take: One really has to wonder how long ‘Cubes’ will be able to take the postseason heartbreak and how much longer he can be loyal to Dirk.

Ask Men: Top 10 Worst Dressed NHL Coaches

Story: An interesting list and unique topic by the gang over at Ask Men

KP’s Take: No doubt I would have put Barry Melrose at the top of my list (as a former coach and current analyst)

Gunaxin: The Past Decades Most Irritating Human Spokes People

Story: Fun list that definitely brought back some painful memories of commercials that warranted the mute button

KP’s Take: The Progressive girl definitely belongs, though I would have snuck Geico high on this list, too.

Boston Sports Then and Now: Celtics-Cavs: A Look Back To The 1992 Playoffs

Story: With the Celtics battling the Cavs this year (and up 3-2), here’s a story taking the reader back to a past playoff series between the two teams.

KP’s Take: Boston is one win away from knocking King James out and therefore erupting the free agency frenzy – tossing the out rumors and speculation of LeBron skipping town for another team.


Wei Under Par: Haney to Tiger: It’s Over Thx L8R

Story: She always puts together some great blogs on the PGA Tour, including this one talking about Tiger’s latest story – his split with former coach Hank Haney

KP’s Take: I think a lot of us saw this one coming, as Woods is not used to playing this poorly – so you knew a change was in the immediate future – and that time is now.

Mr. Irrelevant: Brian Westbrook, Washington Redskins Visit

Story: If you haven’t already heard, the Redskins are visiting with another one of the league’s best running backs over the last decade.

KP’s Take: Wow, I knew Shanahan loved his running backs, but… who’s next, Barry Sanders and Jim Brown?  Sure, why not.

Note: Some Hump Day links are no longer valid and have since been removed.

Happy Hump Day everyone… and thanks for visiting The Wife Hates Sports!