There’s been plenty going on in the sports world over the last week: the tail end of the Winter Olympics, college basketball is pushing towards March Madness and the NFL Combine has started up, just to name a few.  Sounds like a job for Throwing Tomatoes at The Wife Hates Sports, right?

Plenty of sports usually leads to plenty of stories that frustrate.

So what’s the 40-time on how quickly the tomatoes are reaching their respective targets?

Let’s take a look – get your stopwatches ready…

Throwing Tomatoes: February 28, 2010

Team Canada Women’s Hockey

…for being ever so subtle with their underage drinking.

After Team Canada knocked off Team USA in the gold medal game of Women’s Hockey, there was plenty for the Canadians to be excited about – and plenty to celebrate.  But as Yahoo reported recently, the Canadians decided to party immediately – in the form of beer and cigars.  Only, some of those kids were 18.

Perhaps we can exercise a little discretion and street smarts next time, eh?  Cripes, talk about Strange Brew on ice…

The Drama Between Lindsay Vonn and Julia Mancuso

…for getting damn annoying and overshadowing the spirit of the Olympics.

Bickering, complaining over twitter, whining, bitching – all recent headlines between Vonn and Mancuso – supposed “teammates” in the Olympics.

Hello ladies?  Is this really how you should be behaving?

Wait a second – what the heck am I talking about… catfight!

Team Finland Hockey

…for folding like cheap laundry against Team USA.

Listen, we’re all excited to see the Canada-USA rematch in the gold medal game, but one can’t help but hope for some hard fought battles in the semis – and we certainly didn’t see that – at least, when it comes to Finland vs. Tteam USA.

In fact, they were FINNISHed before the first period was even midway over.  I know, I know… Worst. Joke. Ever.

Bobsled Uniforms

…for being more revealing than we need.

OK, so it isn’t just the bobsled outfits that leave little to the imagination.  But here’s the issue: not ALL of the bobsledders are in tip-top shape.

Yeah, definitely one of those times I wish I didn’t have HDTV.

Nikolai Khabibulin

…for being the next in line of athletes careless enough to drive while under the influence.

It almost seems like a weekly thing now that another athlete in sports emerges with a DUI charge.  Khabibulin now faces an additional charge of extreme drunken driving – yeah that’s how wrecked he was – that the word ‘extreme’ has to be attached.

But what I really want to know is – how many of the people that busted him couldn’t pronounce his name?  Can I get a “kuh-bib-you-lun”, anyone?

Al Jefferson


…for “pulling a Nikolai Khabibulin.”

See what I mean?

Jefferson was arrested over the weekend – and charged with a DWI.

Maybe in checking his state, the authorities tried to get him to pronounce Khabibulin’s name.

Ozzie Guillen

…for not being himself on twitter – so far.

There’s a reason the White Sox feared Ozzie Guillen creating a twitter account – because more often than not, “speaking your mind” doesn’t quite cut it when describing Ozzie.  “Put a muzzle on him” may be more fitting.  But that’s just it, so far, Ozzie has disappointed.

C’mon Ozzie, tweet us some Guillen gold – we’re waiting!

This has been Throwing Tomatoes, where there’s no shrinkage of opinion.