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Hump Day Links: Good Reads for February 24, 2010

Josh Q. Public: Rafalski to the Rescue

It wasn’t just “Miller Time” for USA Hockey in their upset win over Canada…

Sports Chump: Poker Night at the Synagogue: A Study in Unmenschlike Activity


A lesson on winning with grace…

MoonDog Sports: Detroit Tigers Doing Their Best Dr. Hyde & Mr. Jekyll Routine

Baseball is back soon!

Tophatal’s Blog: In Baseball…If The Unthinkable Were to Happen… Which Franchise Could or Should Be Contracted?

Join the discussion on baseball, and whether you think baseball should be contracted – and who should be the first to go…

Fat Pickled: The Tiger Woods Interview

This guy had the “REAL” Tiger Woods interview, even before it landed on TV…

Guyism: 10 Reasons Men Love to Play Video Games

Love the Swingers reference mentioned in this piece…

Ask Men: Shaun White on Partying, Dieting, Training, Skateboarding and a few other things

Ever since he said “Yo, Obama!” in his interview with Bob Costas, I’ve wanted to hear more

Awful Announcing: ESPN Hires Aaron “F’ing” Boone as Baseball Analyst

As if the Boston fans wanted to see more of this guy…

Sports by Brooks: Late Masters Entry Rule to Provide Tiger Surprise?

As I’ve mentioned on TWHS already, I think Tiger does come back in time for Augusta


Caption Challenge Winners:

2010 Winter Olympics Are Underway: Brian Mullis

Pitchers and Catchers Report Soon: Lanchumpster

Check out this week’s challenge – winner will be announced next week.


Coming Soon: The Wife Hates Sports will be putting together a March Madness bracket challenge that faces the men against the women.  Stay tuned – and for now, chew on this video to help get you excited for the upcoming “big dance”…

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