It’s Wednesday – and that means it’s “Hump Day” – even if “the wife” isn’t in the mood.  And that means it’s also time for Hump Day Links…

baby-reads-on-crapperRead ’em and weep!

Hump Day Links: February 17, 2010

Josh Q. Public: Big Nate Robinson A Celtic

Sports Chump: From First to Worst: Five NBA Hall of Famers Who Failed as GM

MoonDog Sports: The Five Worst Trades in NBA History

Tophatal’s Blog: You Either Love ‘Em Or You Hate Them…The ‘Evil Empire’ Known As The New York Yankees…

Fat Pickled: Orioles…Magic?

Guyism: 7 TV Bosses Who Would Be Fun to Work For

Horne on Bleacher Report: Stanford Marching Band’s Top 10 Controversial Moments

Awful Announcing: Barry Melrose Shares His Beauty Secrets, Dana Jacobson Apologizes For Them

TWHS Caption Challenge Winners:

2010 Winter Olympics Are Underway: Brian Mullis

Pitchers and Catchers Report Soon: Lanchumpster


Coming Soon: The Wife Hates Sports will be putting together a March Madness bracket challenge that faces the men against the women. 

Stay tuned – as for now, the details will be kept secret…