Baseball IS…

The Sox versus the Yanks,

And pie-in-the-face pranks.

It’s a few dogs and a few beers,

It’s a few boos and a few cheers.

It is controversy left by steroids and “juice”,

It’s mound intimidation from Randy and Goose.michael-jordan-baseball-cover-si

It’s a guy named Cal who never wanted to sit,

And a transfer named MJ who could barely even hit.

It’s Boston and New York always being a buyer.

It’s a fly ball in the hands of that kid Jeffrey Maier.

Some guy named Joe with no shoes and no laces,

It’s controversy of Spiderman being on the bases.

A man named Rickey who was always “on the go”,

Or that guy Knoblauch who plain forgot how to throw.

It’s a Pujols moonball that takes forever before it lands,

It’s Derek Jeter hustling and diving into the stands.steve-bartman-cubs-fan

It is “Manny being Manny” and Griffey Jr. – “The Kid”,

It’s that unspeakable thing that poor Steve Bartman did.

It’s thinking a 3-0 series lead was nothing but a lock,

It is a Game 6 gem featuring a bloody sock.

It’s dirt and mud and grass and hats,

It’s balls and gloves and cleats and bats…

Baseball is a highlight of my life…

And complete hell for the wife.

Baseball is all of this and more…

…So let’s start the 2010 season,

Because 29 teams want to even the score.

This poem was inspired by Victor Rojas – who sent a tweet out stating that the most creative response to “Baseball IS…” would win a helmet signed by Jimmy Rollins.  Here’s hoping I win.