It’s 4th and goal – 0:15 to go – your team is down six but piecing together a drive that is clearly one for the history books.  You have seen every second of this masterpiece of a sporting event, and the icing on the cake would be your team escaping with a hard fought “W”.

And that’s when it happens…

She walks in front of the TV right after the snap.

“She” being “the wife” – we’ll call her that.  That’s what the boys call her.  She may be your wife, maybe a girlfriend, heck, maybe even an acquaintance.  No matter what, she’s the wife – and more often than not, she hates sports.

As a result, you see nothing.  All you can see is a silhouette of estrogen – yet you have to gauge the crowd noise to try and figure out what happened that very second.

This is one of MANY examples that the men of the sports world encounter throughout their lives.

We give you “The Wife Hates Sports” – a sports site with a twist.  This is how we’ll build on it from here.

The site will touch on many different fronts, featuring regular sports posts, pieces on the entertainment industry (music, movies, television and more) plus touching upon the relationship side of sports – but don’t fret ladies – it won’t just be like the aforementioned example.  We’ll try and tie in those females that are sports fans, too.

It’s all still a work in progress – but we’ll do the best we can to have as much fun as we can, while hopefully entertaining our readers and bringing in as much audience participation as possible.

On top of the random sports stories that develop, we’ll also be introducing various features in the future, including (but not limited to) the following:

The Wife Hates Sports Regular Features

Wifetionary – A detailed, custom dictionary of terms specifically generated at TWHS

Throwing Tomatoes – A KP original from years back – showing disgust for stories in sports

Gold Stars – Another KP original, giving out awards in the sports world

Remote Controlling – A unique take on TV – we’ll keep it at that for now

Wife of the Week – At first, won’t be a weekly thing but we’ll highlight wives – famous ones, as well as nominations taken by our readers

Pick Your Knows – Game predictions across sports, both spread and straight up pick ‘em too

Sexy Seven – Another KP feature from the past, featuring a list of 7 across any topic

And that, my friends is “The Wife Hates Sports” in a nutshell…

Oh yeah, there’s the constant pop culture spins, too, such as that one.

So again, we’d like to welcome you to the site and look forward to talking sports and entertainment with you – hopefully in a tasteful, friendly and fun-filled manner.

More to come – so please stay tuned!

Thanks for for visiting The Wife Hates Sports and I hope to see you again soon!