Who knows why the tomato was the fruit of choice when an individual wanted to show displeasure for something.  It is what it is, so why question it?  Just start Throwing Tomatoes.

Keep the tradition alive by tossing tomatoes at the individuals in sports that deserve them most… such as this week’s unfortunate targets…

Throwing Tomatoes: May 12, 2009

Calvin Borel

…for bailing on Mine That Bird.
What makes horse racing enticing? Besides the betting, people. Yes, it’s the elusive Triple Crown. A horse gets close, and people get pulled in by an underdog story, plus the jockey that’s along for the ride. Calvin Borel was that jockey this year, helping push 50-1 shot Mine That Bird to a Derby victory.

Preakness time, right? Wrong. Borel bailed, choosing Rachel Alexandra instead, leaving us with just some funny looking hat to wear.

NASCAR Driver Jeremy Mayfield

… for failing a drug test.
Reports say officials figured it out when Mayfield had left his right turn signal on – just kidding.

At least Mayfield, who is suspended indefinitely, wasn’t guilty of taking the same banned substance as Manny Ramirez. Why? Well, there could be some confusion as to where the stick shift is – yes, I went there.

Tim Floyd

… but only if the report that he paid an OJ Mayo associate is true.
Reports are surfacing that USC basketball coach Tim Floyd paid an associate of OJ Mayo buko bucks to help get the phenom to play hoops with the Trojans.

C’mon Tim, maybe you should have stuck with recruiting the grade school kids, where you could pay them off in toys and candy. Seriously, didn’t anyone ever teach you to “hold the Mayo”?

Tony Romo

…for trying to qualify for the U.S. Open.
Hey, more power to you Tony for being able to play well at multiple sports. But why not focus on improving your football game more instead of trying out for another U.S. Open?

The FoxSports.com report discusses how Romo shot an even-par 36 on the front nine, but faltered mightily on the back, shooting a 44. Yeah, that sounds about right. Wait, he didn’t fumble any balls heading to the 18th tee box, did he?

Orlando Magic

…for faltering at another critical moment in the playoffs.
Orlando really lacks closing power this year. Blowing multiple leads throughout, the Magic’s toughest loss may have been the recent Game 5 against Boston, where Orlando failed to make a field goal over the last five minutes plus.

Boston is one win away from a date with LeBron and the Cavs, while Orlando is fading quicker than you can say Marcin Gortat.

Former Nebraska QB Sam Keller

… for suing EA Sports and the NCAA.
A recent AP report discusses how the former Cornhusker is suing saying “the video-game maker wrongly uses the names and likenesses of college athletes in its products and that the NCAA sanctions the practice.”

OK, who else thinks the guy’s a little bitter about having a 38-speed rating and a noodle for an arm? Yeah, that’s what I thought – me too.

Throwing Tomatoes: Now, some quick cherry tomatoes…

Small, yet effective…

Brett Favre – Because the media exposure is back and it feels like the movie Groundhog Day
Manny Ramirez – Ugh, let’s call it Groundhog Day Part II
Anyone NOT watching Pens-Caps in the NHL Playoffs – or as I like to call it, “Celtics-Bulls on Ice”


This has been Throwing Tomatoes… where the art of throwing one has never left.


Originally posted to KP’s Blog (via Fox Sports) on May 12, 2009