Usually the tomato throwing at The Wife Hates Sports is a piece of cake.  While playoff games have reached a boiling point with both the NHL and NBA reaching finales, the rest of sports has been tepid at best.  There has to be some headlines worthy of Throwing Tomatoes.

Of course there are.

Even with the drama down, there are plenty of situations up and available for discussion over the last week. Take the following lycopene-enriched examples…

Throwing Tomatoes: June 5, 2009

NBA Finals: Not Final Yet

Keep Your Brooms in the Closet – Let’s not all jump the sweep bandwagon just yet. The Magic got a ton of open looks in Game 1, missing most of them.

Orlando Magic – Rashard Lewis admitted they “stunk it up”, and if Orlando can improve on the glass, along with getting hotter from the field, they could get right back into the series.

LeBron James – Yes, all the talk is still surrounding King James and how he bailed on the end of the Eastern Conference Finals. But the side story…

Recently, it was reported that James had a growth removed from his mouth. Fortunately, it was benign. I think it’s safe to say that whatever it was, he didn’t get it while swallowing his pride.

Twitter & Tony

If you haven’t heard, Tony LaRussa sued Twitter due to a case where someone created an account and impersonated the Cardinals coach, saying inappropriate things about his past and “causing emotional distress”. Hours ago, Twitter and LaRussa have come to a settlement.

The biggest tomato obviously goes to the idiot who had no life and felt the need to impersonate someone else in a negative way. Meanwhile…

Twitter was having trouble issuing a statement on the matter, because they’re only allowed 140 characters or less to send a message.

Big Papi’s Big Slump

Boston is still reeling as David Ortiz continues to struggle. It’s tough when a legend begins what appears to be a decline, especially one this rapid. And the latest…

I heard Ortiz is going to be getting an eye test. The good news, apparently he got a recommendation from one of the umps. Fine, it’s true, that last part Is fabricated.

Four Scores, Maybe Seven Years Ago?

Also mentioned via a Yahoo Sports blog a few days ago, if you haven’t heard, the Notre Dame Stadium scoreboard is up for sale. Get it while it’s hot!

Either way, it could be a bargain. After all, the scoreboard has been barely used in recent years. Dang, it’s like shootin’ fish in a barrel – just couldn’t resist.

That’s all for now, friends.  This has been Throwing Tomatoes – enjoy the NBA Finals, the Stanley Cup Final, etc. As always, audience tomato participation is encouraged.

Originally posted to KP’s Blog (via Fox Sports) on June 5, 2009