Throwing Tomatoes is back for another go.

Vine ripened, sliced, diced, tossed on a burger – sounds damn good for a warm summer day.

Just not today.

I’ll take my burger medium, with cheese, and lycopene-free, because these tomatoes are being saved for the sports world, my friends.  This is Throwing Tomatoes at The Wife Hates Sports:

Throwing Tomatoes: June 24, 2009

Spain Soccer

Can I get a little “U-S-A! U-S-A-!”? The United States pulls off the shocker, knocking off Spain 2-0 in the semis of the Confed Cup. Yes, the same Spain that had won 35 straight and was the #1 ranked team in the world.

Funny, I always thought France was the country that surrendered that easily.

Speaking of surrendering…

Maria Sharapova

Sharapova surrendered early at Wimbledon (the second round), at the hands of Gisela Dulko (6-2, 3-6, 6-4). Not much more to be said, but it does present a nice opportunity to present a visual to you (pictured).

Speaking of visuals…

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

The Angels recently posted a list of blunders as long as the team’s name – in the form of six wild pitches in one game, tying a club record.

And only one visual comes to mind for me… yep, Ricky Vaughn – “juuuuuust a bit outside”. “Wild Thing, you make my heart sing, you walk everything…”

Speaking of outside…

Terrell Owens

Owens got lit up by supermodel Joanna Krupa after getting stuck outside on an obstacle course, eventually losing on The Superstars to David Charvet (Baywatch) and Jennifer Capriati (Tennis).

In a related story, Tony Romo called Krupa and asked, “What’s your secret?”

Speaking of superstars…

Big 12 vs. SEC

Congratulations to the LSU Tigers, your College World Series superstars of 2009.

Once again, somehow the Big 12 STILL can’t get the job done against the SEC in a championship game. The SEC fans would likely banter and joke that they can’t handle the pressure. Just as long as they don’t wear those LSU yellow jerseys, I’m OK with it.

Speaking of pressure…

Legends: Their Kids Quitting Sports

Another shocking story about a young man backing out of sports, as Jeff Jordan (MJ’s son) has decided to leave Illinois b’ball after just two seasons.

If you’ll recall, John Elway’s son left Arizona State football fairly recently.

FYI to Nick Montana: You can’t escape the spotlight in Washington. You’re still within reach, we aren’t talking anywhere near Russia here, just ask Sarah Palin.

Speaking of backing out…

Jarrett Stoll

As reported by, the L.A. Kings hockey player has canceled his wedding plans – 1) to a supermodel in Rachel Hunter and 2) over email.

Email? Yikes, that’s a five-minute major and a 500kb spam message to boot.

Seriously, this brings new meaning to a hockey player getting cold feet. OK, can’t end on a joke that bad…

Speaking of plans…

Chris Johnson

Finally, Titans RB has been inquiring via Twitter about TD celebrations. The young gun wants to top some of the best celebrations, say from Ocho Cinco, among others.

Hey, here’s a crazy idea… wait for it… how about handing the ball to the ref, heading over to the sideline, and focusing on winning the game… and a Super Bowl.

What a concept.

This has been “Throwing Tomatoes”… where we suggest to avoid Angels pitching for the assist, that is… if you want to hit your target.

Originally posted to KP’s Blog (via Fox Sports) on June 24, 2009