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WotW: Amanda Dufner, the Bikini-Clad Wife of ‘Dufnering’ PGA Pro Jason Dufner

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Amanda Dufner, the wife of PGA tour pro Jason Dufner, spent the fourth of July introducing the world to a new – and more appreciated – version of “Dufnering”.

As most of us know by now, Jason became famous for what is simply referred to as “Dufnering”, coined after he was caught at a kid’s school, sitting in a slumped position, while sporting a somewhat humdrum and expressionless face.

Dufner embraced the term, and the sports world followed suit.

That was March of 2013, and approximately six months later, Dufner became a major champion, taking the 2013 PGA Championship by two strokes over Jim Furyk and his unorthodox swing.

But Dufner’s crowning achievement may have been in May of 2012, when he married girlfriend Amanda Boyd, whom he met through friends at Auburn University, where his residence still is today.


Jason Dufner receives a kiss from wife Amanda following his 2013 PGA Championship win

To the untrained eye, Dufner comes off as a guy that could either be one of Chris Farley’s siblings, or someone that should be serving your kid a Happy Meal at McDonald’s.  Instead, he’s one of the best golfers on the planet.

In a twisted, duck-hooking sort of way, these comparisons were actually meant to be compliments.

That’s because this is the kind of guy America can really get behind and love.  His Twitter feed is fun and it really showcases his personality.  He interacts with people, has a sense of humor and is a die-hard sports fan, too.

Overall, just a very unique guy.

He has the girl, too – Amanda, who is a ten.

This fourth of July, via her Instagram account, Amanda Dufner displayed her USA pride by draping an American flag over herself, while wearing a white bikini.

Her and Jason were vacationing, and clearly having a good time.

Of course, there was still time for golf, only… as Amanda highlighted on that same Instagram account, she chose attire that would likely be banned at most golf courses throughout the country.

We thank her for it.

How many guys do you think tried to play through?

The best part of Dufner’s bikini-clad photo was the fact that Amanda had a beer waiting for her on the ground.  Most of you likely didn’t even notice it.  

There’s actually a second best part – and that’s Jason Dufner himself retweeting other accounts that highlighted his wife in the bikini, while referring to her as a “bombshell”.

If only this could become a new version of “Dufnering”, one where the men of the world would be left smiling from ear to ear on a regular basis.

Any wives want to get on board?


The moral of the story is simply this: Jason and Amanda Dufner had a much better 4th of July than you.

That, and Amanda Dufner is also the newest Wife of the Week at The Wife Hates Sports.  Congrats to her, and best of luck to Jason Dufner throughout the rest of the PGA season.

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  1. admin July 11, 2014 at 6:11 PM

    Did someone say open-faced sandwich?

  2. admin July 11, 2014 at 6:09 PM

    They probably have to drink bourbon, Rev. Just kidding.
    I’ve been there, too. My Uncle lives in Alabama… haven’t been in a long time, actually.
    Duf definitely has it all. Lucky B.

  3. SportsChump July 8, 2014 at 3:40 AM

    Yeah, Duf’s got it goin’ on.

    Remember him grabbing her tush right after winning the PGA?

    Dude, I’ve been to Alabama. The girls look like that there.

    AND they drink bourbon.

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