In KP’s latest edition of MLB Power Rankings at The Wife Hates Sports, the Detroit Tigers hold onto first place for the third consecutive week.  But Detroit’s lead has diminished to just a few ratings points, with both the Atlanta Braves and St. Louis Cardinals not far behind in the standings.

Elsewhere, the New York Yankees – sparked by the unconscious play of Alfonso Soriano – are easily the big winners of the week, gaining 29 ratings points.  Not bad, considering all the drama and distractions generated from Alex Rodriguez and the Biogenesis scandal.  Overall, here are the five teams with the biggest ratings gain over the last week:

New York Yankees: +29 points

Cleveland Indians: +16 points

Miami Marlins: +16 points

Tampa Bay Rays: +15 points

Cincinnati Reds: +14 points

On the other side of the spectrum, the Minnesota Twins are the big losers this week, falling 29 ratings points, and overall, here are the five clubs that saw the biggest decline:

Minnesota Twins: -29 points

Kansas City Royals: -25 points

Los Angeles Angels: -20 points

Seattle Mariners: -17 points

Pittsburgh Pirates: -11 points

The full list is as follows, featuring some various notes and statistics for every team in baseball:


Detroit’s Max Scherzer has a Major League leading 18 wins this season

KP’s MLB Power Rankings: August 20, 2013

Note: Statistics and point totals as of Tuesday morning (8/20/13) and do not include night games

1. Detroit Tigers (179 points) – Last Week: #1 (-2)

Of qualifying hitters, Miguel Cabrera (.360) has an enormous lead on the field in the American League.  Mike Trout (.333) is currently ranked second.

2. Atlanta Braves (173 points) – Last Week: #2 (+5)

Craig Kimbrel’s 39 saves are currently seven more than any other player in the National League.

3. St. Louis Cardinals (172 points) – Last Week: #3 (+13)


Adam Wainwright continues to dominate for the St. Louis Cardinals

Adam Wainwright, Shelby Miller and Lance Lynn have combined to win 38 games, with each pitcher also striking out at least 145 batters.

4. Boston Red Sox (140 points) – Last Week: #4 (-3)

By plunking Alex Rodriguez over the weekend, Ryan Dempster likely earned himself a temporary pass with Red Sox fans, which had previously focused more on his 4.77 ERA and 6-9 record.

5. Los Angeles Dodgers (138 points) – Last Week: #5 (+3)

Greinke and Kershaw will each not fall in the rotation when it’s time to play Boston this weekend.

6. Texas Rangers (137 points) – Last Week: #6 (+3)

In six starts since joining the Rangers, Matt Garza has just two quality starts and 36 strikeouts, with a 3-1 record, 4.32 ERA and 1.18 WHIP.

7. Cincinnati Reds (118 points) – Last Week: #8 (+14)

The Reds feature a balanced offense, with Joey Votto leading the team in batting average (.316), Jay Bruce in home runs (24) and Brandon Phillips in RBI (92).

8. Oakland Athletics (103 points) – Last Week: #9 (+6)

Bartolo Colon is tied with Matt Moore and Chris Tillman for second in the AL in wins, with 14.

9. Pittsburgh Pirates (101 points) – Last Week: #7 (-11)

Pedro Alvarez’s 31 home runs are currently the most in the National League.

10. Tampa Bay Rays (100 points) – Last Week: #10 (+15)

In 29 starts, Chris Archer and Alex Cobb have combined to throw 17 quality starts, while posting 13 victories and a sub-3.00 ERA.

11. Baltimore Orioles (68 points) – Last Week: #12 (-8)

Chris Davis leads the team in batting average (.305), HR (45), RBI (115) and OBP (.383).

12. Kansas City Royals (60 points) – Last Week: #11 (-25)

He faltered against the Tigers over the weekend, but overall, Bruce Chen (5-1, 2.20 ERA, 1.08 WHIP) has provided a surprising boost to K.C.’s rotation.

13. Cleveland Indians (54 points) – Last Week: #13 (+16)

Jason Kipnis leads the team in all major offensive categories: batting average (.292), HR (15), RBI (72), OBP (.372) and hits (126).

14. Arizona Diamondbacks (49 points) – Last Week: #14 (+12)

Arizona has had five different pitchers earn saves this season: Heath Bell (15), Brad Ziegler (7), J.J. Putz (6), David Hernandez (2) and Matt Reynolds (2).

15. New York Yankees (37 points) – Last Week: #15 (+29)

In 21 games since rejoining the Yankees, Alfonso Soriano is batting .306, with 8 HR and 26 RBI.

16. New York Mets (-4 points) – Last Week: #17 (-4)

Of qualifying starting pitchers, only Clayton Kershaw has a better ERA than Matt Harvey (2.25).

17. Washington Nationals (-5 points) – Last Week: #16 (-6)

Gio Gonzalez and Stephen Strasburg have combined to throw 32 quality starts and strike out 309 batters.

18. Colorado Rockies (-13 points) – Last Week: #18 (-7)

Michael Cuddyer (.323) is 3rd in the NL in batting average and Carlos Gonzalez is 4th in home runs (26).

19. Toronto Blue Jays (-30 points) – Last Week: #20 (0)

Edwin Encarnacion leads the team in HR (31), RBI (92), OBP (.368) and hits (128).

20. Los Angeles Angels (-32 points) – Last Week: #19 (-20)

The Angels’ struggling pitching staff has just two pitchers with an ERA inside 3.40, each being relievers (Sean Burnett, 0.93 and Scott Downs, 1.84).

21. Chicago Cubs (-35 points) – Last Week: #21 (-2)

Of qualifying batters with enough at bats, Starlin Castro is considered the leader for the Cubs, with a very mediocre .242 batting average in 123 games.

22. Milwaukee Brewers (-41 points) – Last Week: #22 (-5)

The Brewers currently have zero pitchers on the roster with double digit wins this season.  Yovani Gallardo is the current team leader, with nine victories.

23. San Francisco Giants (-46 points) – Last Week: #24 (-4)

Hunter Pence’s 64 RBI (in 124 games) is the current – and mediocre – team high.

24. Seattle Mariners (-63 points) – Last Week: #25 (-17)

Felix Hernandez and Hisashi Iwakuma have combined to throw 36 quality starts and strike out 328 batters.

25. San Diego Padres (-63 points) – Last Week: #26 (+3)

Carlos Quentin’s low tally of 44 RBI (in 82 games) is the current team high.

26. Minnesota Twins (-68 points) – Last Week: #23 (-29)

Of qualifying pitchers, it’s Kevin Correia that leads the Twins in wins (8), ERA (4.61) and strikeouts (80) – and yes… this line of stats is sadly not a typo.

27. Chicago White Sox (-69 points) – Last Week: #28 (+14)

He has struck out 138 times this season, but Adam Dunn also leads the team in HR (28), RBI (73) and OBP (.343).

28. Philadelphia Phillies (-78 points) – Last Week: #27 (-10)

Cliff (3.19 ERA, 17 quality starts) and Cole Hamels (3.61 ERA, 19 quality starts) have combined for a surprisingly mediocre 15-19 record this season.

29. Miami Marlins (-96 points) – Last Week: #28 (+16)

In 26 games and 108 at-bats, hyped up rookie Christian Yelich is batting .287, with a .342 OBP, 5 doubles, 1 triple, 1 HR and 7 RBI this season.

30. Houston Astros (-178 points) – Last Week: #30 (+8)

In four starts (seven games), Brett Oberholtzer is 3-1 with a 2.91 ERA and 1.09 WHIP.

* All stats per

Note: RED = Falling 3+ spots from last week, GREEN = Rising 3+ spots from last week

The Wife Hates Sports’ MLB Power Rankings system has a method to its madness, attempting to be different and not just rank by popularity and record.  It mixes a secret formula of six completely different categories, meshed into a points system.  The categories don’t just include team results regarding record, but how each team has performed recently, as well as incorporating some statistics on both a team’s offense and pitching staff, too.

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